Nicki Minaj Defends Murder Suspect After Defending Her Mother

Nicki Minaj there is takes a stand against the abuse of a woman and her son who got involved in protecting his mother.

The son fought for his mother

Nicki Minaj leaves her hotel in London and then tries to attend the meeting and Koko in Camden

A story recently spread about a 14-year-old boy who punched a man in the face several times in public. “On June 18 this year, my life changed; my son’s life changed, Hood said. “Never in a million years did I think I would be brutally attacked, beaten and then arrested,” victim Carlishia Hood said at a news conference after her release.

hood claims argued with a man in the lineup, now identified as Jeremy Brown. He then began punching Hood; the attack was recorded by mobile phone cameras. His son drew his gun and shot Brown, hitting him in the back.

Brown fled, as did the mother and son, but the boy continued to shoot as he ran. Brown was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nicki Minaj triggered me

Nicki Minaj has been called the greatest female rapper of all time, and fans agree
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The rapper decided to support the young mother and her son. “No one else in the institution was doing anything. So after seeing his mother being severely beaten, he took action,” said activist Ja’Mal Green.

Nicki was triggered by the fact that no one helped. “That 14-year-old boy who backed away from the hammer when that grown man punched his mother in the face like she was a MAN; a real hero – wrote the “Roman” rapper.

Nicki is raising her own son and feels close to what happened. He offered to help in any way he could. “If you want to go to college, I’d be happy to help. ANY boy should have done that for his Mother.”

He finished his message. “He raised a drug addict kid and he should be very proud. Also, God knew, b4 knew; that they would be attacked that day and made sure they had protection

DECK. God is good.”

Nicki Minaj defends murder suspect after her mother's defense goes awry
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Nicki Minaj’s husband has run in with the law

Nicki Minaj's party for her son's 2nd birthday

The mother of one child probably likes the young man so much because she is also his mother. It lands in the home of the “Bottoms Up” rapper, who shares this son with husband Kenneth Petty. Nicki also had a run in with the law like Hood.

She fought to have her husband charged over an incident that happened more than a decade ago. Her husband must now register as a sex offender and has repeatedly denied sexually assaulting the woman in question.

Nicki Minaj has released new music

Nicki Minaj defends murder suspect after her mother's defense goes awry
Instagram/Nicki Minaj

The rapper also dropped a new song with Young Thug and Juice WRLD where the lyrics fit what he’s been advocating. “I’m wearing an S on my chest now, baby.” I saved the world in a dress, baby,” she writes, sharing some of the lyrics to the new song.

He also shared with fans that the track has been in the works for a while and he felt it was the perfect time to drop it.

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