Nickelodeon Star Fired Due to Weight Management Issues

Lindsey Shaw once had a starring role Pretty little liars but when times got tough, the show ditched him to fend for himself.

Lindsey Shaw was released

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The actress who is also known for her role in Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Encrypted School Survival Guide shared that she was essentially fired from the popular teen drama, blaming herself for falling into a “silly cycle” where she “didn’t look too skinny” but when she gained weight, she “couldn’t stand being too heavy.”

Then he jumped into the revelation that he had a drug problem. “When I had a drug problem and I was working on things, you know, I never had to deal with my relationship with food because I was always like, ‘Oh, I could always go get more Adderall and be okay with it,’ so it was really hard .”

Lindsey Shaw had it good

Nickelodeon Star Fired Due to Weight Management Issues

The actress realized how good she was in the role of Paige McCullers Pretty little liars and taking advantage of that he was on drugs before he was fired. He describes it as “a whole season of drug use.”

She claims that it all stemmed from her trying to take care of her body, but overdoing it. It’s a royal thing,” the woman revealed: “Taking care of your body can lead you in all sorts of directions, from plastic surgery to drugs to holding back all kinds of shit.”

In one of his pivotal moments, he “gave up everything he cared about,” which he believes helped I. Marlene King stop working with him. He recounted the moment to the listeners.

The launch was wild

Nickelodeon Star Fired Due to Weight Management Issues

They say business is rough, but King came in very hot, and perhaps rightly so.

“It was so bad. They called me into the “Pretty Little Liars” creative office, and he just said, “So we’re going to let you go.” He says, “Not because of your acting.” He says, “Is there someone to talk to?” And I said, “Um, no.” And he says, “Well, find someone, and now we have to let you go.”

She shared a nutritionist with co-star Shay Mitchell and often found herself looking like Mitchell. “She brought me protein powder … and she was like, ‘Girl,'” she recalled. “Yes, it was terrible.”

Not bitter though, the 10 Things I Hate About You star is actually grateful, noting that the whole process was handled with “so much care.” Thankfully, he was brought back for the show’s final season.

Lindsey Shaw last played Paige

Nickelodeon Star Fired Due to Weight Management Issues

He admitted that he “cried more” in the final episode of Season 5 than he did “the whole six years alone”.

He described one of the scenes. “That scene was just us (Shaw and Mitchell’s characters) saying goodbye at the airport,” he added. “In the end, when it was done, we just hugged each other and let it be what it was, but gosh, I’m so thankful for this set, this character, and Shay.”

– he continued. “They did the right thing by bringing me back for Season 7 and letting me say goodbye. I’ll just never forget that.”

Shaw is in a better place now and is “so much happier” and “so much” enjoying her body these days.

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