Nick Cannon does not give a “monthly allowance” to the mother of his children

Nick Cannon clarified the use of the term “service provider” in relation to expectant mothers, stressing that it does not pay them a “monthly allowance”.

Cannon, who has 12 children by six different women, said he doesn’t buy into the idea of ​​giving them a “set amount” or a “monthly allowance”, saying they always get what they need.

The “Wild ‘N Out” host also shared his desire to have children with ex-girlfriend and former co-star Christina Milian, noting that he regretted expecting a child that wasn’t his.

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Nick Cannon doesn’t give his baby a “monthly allowance”.

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon with their families

Based on Page sixNick Cannon has revealed that he does not follow a set procedure for financially supporting the various mothers of his children.

Cannon, 42, was forced to explain the terms of his financial relationship with his mother-of-six after referring to himself as a “provider” in a recent interview with Hot 104.1 and saying he doesn’t give them a “monthly allowance” or “set amount” money.

“I don’t give myself that guideline. What they need, they get,” he said. “It was never something that one of my children’s mothers asked for and didn’t get.”

Cannon stated that he has “great respect and admiration” for the mother of all his children, saying that a woman giving up her body to give birth to a child is the greatest sacrifice and the greatest gift any man could hope for.

“Whatever the scenario… I will never say anything disrespectful or bad about any mother of my children,” he shared.

Nick Cannon had the perfect response to the ‘Wack Pullout Game’ comments

Nick Cannon at the FOX 2022 Upfront

In another part of the interview Audacity’s The Hot 104.1 “Masked Singer” host responded to a sarcastic comment from the host, who told him his pull-out match was “crappy.”

In response, the comedian joked: “Or my one-liners are amazing.”

Cannon has 12 children by six women. With his ex-wife, the legendary singer Mariah Carey, he had twins, Monroe and Moroccan; With Abby De La Rosa, he has twins, Zion and Zillion; and a beautiful daughter named Zeppelin.

He also has three children with Brittany Bell; Golden Sagon, Mighty Queen and Rise Messiah. Cannon is the father of Onyx Ice Cole, whose mother is LaNisha Cole, and Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi.

The “All That” alum also has two children with model Alyssa Scott: a daughter, Halo, and a son, Zen, who died of a brain tumor.

He regrets having an unborn child with Christina Milian

Nick Cannon in Febreze's new Super Bowl ad campaign

The actor regrets not sharing a child with his ex-girlfriend and co-star in the 2003 comedy Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing, Christina Milian..

Cannon revealed in a recent interview with Thembi Mawema of The Shade Room that he wished he had a child with Milian and was filled with regret after learning in 2019 that she was not carrying a child of his own.

“I remember when I found out she was pregnant,” the comedian told host Mawema, who then asked: “Damn, are you like this?”

“Yeah, I was like shit, man!” He answered, per Insider. “It could have been me,” Mawema added, finishing Cannon’s sentence.

“Yeah, yeah,” Cannon joked. “But I was very happy for her, and you know her daughter is wonderful.”

Cannon and Milian dated for two years while starring in “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” He shared that he and Milian discussed starting a family when they were dating, but things didn’t work out that way.

Nick Cannon leaves it up to God to decide whether he should have more children

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Cannon sat down with him Fun tonight‘s Kevin Frazier, where he discussed his “Future Superstar” tour and his decision to leave more children to a higher power.

“Yeah yeah yeah. God decides when we’re done, but I think I definitely have my hands full,” she said when asked if she plans to have any more children. “And I’ve been so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85 , you never know. Maybe.”

She also shared her innate desire to be in a position to provide for each of her children as they pursue their life goals.

“It’s a blessing, man, hopefully because of my ability, my kids can do whatever they want to be in a position where if they want to be a nuclear physicist, I know somebody at an Ivy League school that I can find,” Cannon said.

He added: “If they want to go into the military, if they want to be artists, if they want to be actors, that’s something we have the ability to do. Let’s start talking about it now so we can help make your dreams come true.”

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