Nicholas Cage in his favorite underrated performance

When asked to recommend an obscure performance, Nicolas Cage gave the most Nicolas Cage-esque answer imaginable.

Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage’s filmography is an embarrassment of riches for cinephiles willing to do a little digging. Once you get past undisputed classics like “Face/Off” and “Raising Arizona,” there’s a treasure trove of quirky independent films where he applies the full force of his acting talents to some truly sublime foundations. Cage’s commitment to supporting new work is as admirable as giving 100 percent to his worst films.

In a new one Reddit AMA to promote his role as Dracula in Renfield, Cage was asked to offer one of his performances that was not available to the public. In response, she pulled out a deep cut known only to her die-hard fans: the short costume she debuted in the 1989 film “Never Tuesday.”

Cage explained that he agreed to appear in the film for free on the condition that he would have full creative control over his character. Unsurprisingly, he turned the look into a massive dose of pure, uncut Cage-ness.

“There was a little costume that lasted about a minute in ‘Never Tuesday,'” Cage said. “I don’t recommend the whole movie. But it was a performance that I did, I didn’t get paid, but the agreement with the director and whoever finances the picture was that if I do it, I do what I want. So it was a complete avant-garde experiment, and of course I played a character who had a very long and pointy nose. And I had this whole idea of ​​this guy who had a really long nose and had a hard time meeting girls, so his dad bought him a Ferrari Testarossa to help him with that.”

Cage continued: “So I showed up on set with a prosthetic nose and a really high voice and I was driving a Ferrari Testarossa, and of course it was very frustrating for the other actors. Apparently they like him now, but at the time it was like you couldn’t really fire him because that was the deal. You said I could do whatever I wanted, and he did, so it’s my favorite lesser-known show.”

When asked further about whether he delivered his own Ferrari, Cage responded bluntly.

“No, it was somebody’s Ferrari,” he said. “And they took it from me because I was driving too fast.”

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