Niall Horan talks about his battle with anxiety

Niall Horan has been open about her struggles with anxiety, admitting that while she doesn’t have a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder, she recognizes anxiety as an emotion she experiences. Despite the challenges, however, Horan has an optimistic outlook on life.

The former One Direction member has announced his upcoming tour, ‘The Show’, in Australia, with shows planned for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Horan also recently celebrated the triumph of his protégé Gina Miles, who became the winner of “The Voice” and revealed that performing live is still her favorite thing to do.

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“I convinced myself, maybe I wasn’t so nervous”

Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Nicole Scherzinger at Cirque nightclub in London

Niall Horan recently opened up about his battle with anxiety, admitting it’s something he has to take into account on a daily basis. The former member of the famous band One Direction, known for his carefree demeanor, clarified that he does not have a diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder, but he has already accepted that anxiety is an emotion that he experiences. This realization inspired him to channel these feelings into his latest album, ‘The Show’.

“I convinced myself that maybe I’m not that anxious or whatever,” Horan shared in an interview. The Sunday Telegraph. “I think we’re going through relatively different things. So I felt it was time to make some songs like that. The only good thing about the outbreak is how thought-provoking it has been, both good and bad.”

He added, per Daily Mail“It’s good writing material, and it’s the only time I’ve been able to sit still for a moment and think about what happened 10 years ago.”

Niall Horan’s upcoming ‘The Show’ tour in Australia

Niall Horan is coming to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Despite looking fairly low, Horan has an optimistic outlook. The “Slow Hands” hitmaker believes in finding the silver lining even in the most difficult moments.

In exciting news, Horan recently revealed his upcoming tour, ‘The Show’, which will take place in Australia next year and showcase his musical talents to fans across the country.

The tour includes performances at the Brisbane Entertainment Center on April 28 and Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on May 1. On May 3, Horan will take the stage at the famous Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. The To Meet Ya singer will perform a second night in Melbourne on May 4 after the initial show sold out quickly.

Niall Horan celebrates Gina Miles’ win on The Voice

Niall Horan is seen at the Armani Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week

It’s been an incredible year for the talented solo artist. After her debut as a judge on The Voice US, her protégé Gina Miles emerged victorious, taking first place on the show.

In an interview People magazine, Horan expressed his overwhelming pride in Miles, highlighting her extraordinary talent. “Can you imagine winning the biggest TV show in the country at the age of 19? I am very proud of this girl. I always had a deep feeling,” he shared.

He continued: “She is too talented. There’s a tone to it that, as I’ve always said, is unmistakable, and when you hear it, you know it’s a Gina Miles song – that’s going to be the case down the line.”

Niall Horan says performing live is his “favourite thing

Niall Horan is seen at the Armani Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week

Last Friday saw the exciting premiere of Vevo’s highly-anticipated live performance series featuring Horan, who took to the stage to deliver a riveting rendition of his latest album’s hit single ‘You Could Start a Movement’.

In a recent press release per Rolling stone, Horan expressed his deep passion for performing live, stating, “Performing live is my favorite thing. It feels amazing to bring the songs I spent so much time on from start to finish. Filming these performances with Vevo was an exceptional experience.”

He shared his connection to the filming location, saying: “I was able to return to the place where I made the music, an area of ​​California that I love and have spent a lot of time in my career. It’s beautiful for me to play these great songs in an intimate setting.”

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