Niall Horan replaces kid’s phone that broke at LA golf tournament

Former member of One Direction Niall Horan took it upon himself to replace a child’s iPhone that cracked during a golf tournament he attended.

Horan allegedly took the child’s information from PGA pro Tyrell Hatton, who signed him to his Modest! Golf Management hit the phone on the 13th hole.

The former boy band member has been working on new music for his fans with fellow artist Lewis Capaldi, but for some reason the songs may never see the light of day.

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Niall Horan replaces the children’s cracked iPhone

Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Nicole Scherzinger at Cirque nightclub in London

Horan was present at the Rivera Golf Tournament in Los Angeles when professional golfer Tyrell Hatton, whom Modest named! Golf Management Company used its driver to break a kid’s iPhone screen.

According to a tweet about the incident, Hatton convinced the singer to take down the person’s information so they could replace the broken phone.

Fans were shocked in the comments, wondering what Horan was doing in the match and why he had to take on the responsibility of fixing the kid’s phone.

A fan wrote, “Ok yo, your tweet just got featured on ESPN+! And Niall Horan is the singer? Was he just there by chance and the only guy cutting pen and paper? lol.”

Hatton, the famed PGA pro, signed with Modest Golf, a golf management company owned by Horan, in 2019, which is why he was at the match at the Rivera in Los Angeles.

Tyrell Hatton has been signed under Niall Horan’s Golf Management Company

Tyrell Hatton

The professional golfer is currently ranked 26th in the world golf rankings and has had a very successful career on both the European and PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) tours.

On contracting with Horan’s management, Hatton said per Irish golfer“I am delighted to sign a new management contract with Modest Golf.”

He continued: “Since I signed with the team in 2019, things couldn’t have gone much better. I enjoyed every minute of working with the guys and I hope we can enjoy success together in 2021 and beyond.”

Considering the 31-year-old’s success and achievements, it’s no surprise that Horan was delighted to join Modest Golf. “We’re very proud to let Tyrrell out of the business,” the singer said at the time Irish golfer.

“His golf over the last 18 months has been incredible. It was something special to not only witness him break through in America and win for the first time on the PGA Tour, but also to see him win the European Tour flagship for BMW. We are very happy and proud to be with him on this journey.”

Niall Horan is an influential figure in the world of golf

Niall Horan is coming to Jimmy Kimmel Live

As the teenage heartthrob of the popular boy band One Direction, Horan not only boosted his solo career, but also became a prominent figure in the world of golf.

Horan, a self-proclaimed golf fanatic, began his transition into the popular sport in a big way; by opening his own fund management company, Modest Golf.

The company boasts outstanding talent such as Tyrell Hatton, Leona Maguire, Ewan Ferguson, Guido Migliozzi, Connor Syme, Angel Yin, Marcus Helligkilde and others.

Horan was considered the 17th most influential person in golf For today’s golfer The 100 Most Influential People in Golf 2022.

He has new music that he will never release

Niall Horan is seen at the Armani Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week

Apart from his passion for golf, Horan is extremely fond of music. He and another artist, Lewis Capaldi, are reported to have been in the studio working on several new songs, but unfortunately Horan will never release them.

Horan revealed this in a recent interview, saying that neither he nor Capaldi “loved” the numbers they worked on. is talking to Daily Starsaid former 1D member, per NME, “There was one night when we went into the studio and wrote a couple of songs. Obviously they weren’t good enough because we would have heard them before.”

He went on to state that “one of them was actually decent. But you get one with a collab, and until we both absolutely love it and spend more time in the studio, I don’t think there’s much point in releasing it.”

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