NFL Legend Jim Brown’s Daughter Claims He Suffered From CTE

Late NFL star Jim Brown’s daughter claims he suffered from extreme CTE in the years before his death, setting the stage for a battle over his fortune.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Jim’s daughter — Kimberly Brown — petitioned the court to have his will and trust invalidated due to “undue influence” and him having lack of “capacity” when he signed it.

Kimberly is blaming his widow — Monique Brown — for having him sign the documents in 2016, at a time when she says he was mentally incapacitated and suffering from football-related CTE.

Jim Brown’s Daughter Battling With His Widow Over NFL Star’s Fortune

NFL Legend Jim Brown's Daughter Claims He Suffered Extreme CTE From Football

Jim Brown is regarded as one of the greatest football players to ever step on a field. He died on May 18, 2023, at the age of 87. Eight children, including Kimberly Brown survive the legendary running back.

Shockingly, in the filing, she says the family is “informed and believes and thereon alleges that (Jim) suffered from cognitive decline, dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease stemming from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.” He “suffered CTE due to repetitive head impacts during his nine-year career as a football player in the National Football League.”

She continued, “In around 2015, the year prior to the creation of the purported Trust and Will, (Kimberly) observed that (Jim) had trouble remembering recent events, seemed confused, and had problems articulating his thoughts during his conversations with her. She observed that during the conversations, (Jim’s) eyes would glaze over, and he seemed unable to pay attention and often strayed away from topics and went off on tangents about unrelated matters.”

NFL Legend Jim Brown’s Daughter Claims His CTE Was So Bad; He Was Incapable Of Signing A Will

NFL Legend Jim Brown's Daughter Claims He Suffered Extreme CTE From Football

According to the documents, Jim Brown executed a will and trust in 2016, signed by himself and his wife, Monique Brown. By signing the documents, Jim put his wife in charge of the finances and the sole executor of his estate.

Brown’s money in the bank or any investments is unclear. Still, a $7.5 Million Los Angeles mansion is mentioned, along with his “automobiles, jewelry, copyrights, trademarks, works of art, furnishings, and personal effects.” After his death, the multi-million dollar home was transferred into his wife’s name.

Jim Brown’s daughter claims he was “suspicious” of his wife and often “spoke ill” of Monqiue in the time leading up to his death. She says he “would become anxious and attempted to talk in code or would end the conversation if Monique entered the area.” In 2016, Kimberly claimed her father’s health was rapidly declining and approximately ten months before he signed, she observed on his birthday a “diminished capacity, had hearing loss, problems with mobility and rapid weight loss.”

In other words, she didn’t believe he could understand and “did not know the contents” of the complicated legal document.

Battle Over Jim Brown’s Multi-Million Dollar Estate Heats Up In Court

NFL Legend Jim Brown's Daughter Claims He Suffered Extreme CTE From Football

In the filing, Kimberly points out that Monique was Jim’s primary caregiver in the months leading up to his death. After he became “informed” she claims his wife “isolated him from his family.” When his children were given access to their father, Kimberly believed his wife was monitoring her conversations with him.

Specifically, she claims the Trust and Will did not represent his “testamentary intent” and often discussed his final wishes with his children. Kimberly says she was told by him of “specific gifts, which he called “tokens” that he wanted to leave to them and his other children.”

In the end, Jim Brown’s daughter is asking the court to void the will and trust document — claiming it was “procured as a result of undue influence” of his widow Monique Brown. Also, she wants to the court to undo the transfer deed of the $7.5 million home for the same reason.

It is now up to a judge.

NFL Legend Jim Brown's Daughter Claims He Suffered Extreme CTE From Football

The NFL legend’s wife announced his death on Instagram, saying he “passed peacefully” in his Los Angeles home. She wrote, “To the world, he was an activist, actor, and football star, To our family he was a loving and wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. Our hearts are broken.”

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