Netflix sued for second time over ‘Outer Banks’ series

Netflix accused of stealing his premises Outer Bankss… again. An author claims that the performance is the plot of his novel.

“Outer Banks” is a hit on Netflix

The TV show is in its third season on the streaming platform and has been a big hit for Netflix. Author Jeff Wilson is happy the show is doing well for Netflix, but as the author of the novel he wrote, “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” which he claims the show was stolen from, it’s not so great.

Wilson is suing the streaming giant because he says there are more than a few similarities between the book and the show starring Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss and Rudy Pankow.

in the earnings obtained by TMZ, Wilson describes his 2013 novel as following four friends who, based on a legend, hunt for treasure around their town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

“Queen Anne’s Revenge” has gained a bit of a reputation


Wilson also claims that his book has had some success, with coverage on Discovery and the History Channel. And here’s the kicker, Wilson claims that the show’s creators have even admitted to using authors’ books as inspiration to write the series.

He seems to suggest that his novel may have been one of the inspirations. Are there many books that use the North Carolina Outer Banks as a backdrop? To further prove his point, Wilson says that the story arcs in his novel are the same as those in the series.

He also refers to the main characters being the same. Based on TMZ he even says that the plot points and settings are very, very similar.

Netflix has been sued for copyright infringement

Instagram/Outer Banks

The streaming platform does not have to litigate with Wilson, who is suing for copyright infringement. He wants them to pay for whatever they’ve done on the show and stop all distribution and advertising Outer Banks.

Wilson isn’t the only author who claims Netflix stole from them to create this fantastic role. Novelist Kevin Wooten sued Netflix in 2020, claiming that “Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure!” his book.

The novel was written in 2016, and Wooten claimed that the series ripped off his story big time. his novel is about a man who hunts for Blackbeard’s treasure with his twin nephews and a dog.

Repeat, Outer Banks it’s about four teenagers. The case was quickly thrown out in 2021 when US District Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr. found that the novel was not the same at all. “To be sure, both jobs involve shipwrecks and treasure hunting,” Batten admitted in his ruling.

“But analyzing their plots at such a high level of abstraction would make any work involving a hunt for buried treasure vulnerable to copyright infringement.” Wooten’s legal team says had the case been tried before a jury, the outcome would have been different.

Now we’ll wait and see how this case turns out.

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