Netflix: 7 Best New Shows in March 2023 + Full List

The end of “You” (Season 4) and Netflix’s first live stand-up special highlight another slow month for the world’s dominant streaming service.

Chris Rock Netflix special live

Courtesy of Netflix

If 2022 kicked off the Great Streaming Correction, then 2023 is when we should start to see some changes. At Netflix, it’s already started. When curbed subscriber growth and sinking stock prices forced an industry-wide reevaluation of the streaming business, the long-time Binge King reversed course and launched an ad-supported subscription tier. Company spokespeople had said for years this would never happen, but “never” can’t be taken literally when it comes to the streaming wars.

Alterations can even be spotted in each month’s batch of new releases. From big patterns — like noting a dearth of quality programs in February vs. all the Emmy-bait dropping in May — to small ones, like when new series drop on odd days (like Tuesdays or Saturdays), there’s much to be learned about the ins and outs of the ultra-secretive streaming giant. March 2023 is no different. There are a healthy batch of new shows, specials, and documentaries. Reality TV is always in season, but there are fewer acquisition titles this month — a trend that’s been ongoing for years, as rival companies move their prized programming in-house, to their own streaming platforms, leaving Netflix to bank on its library content. There’s also a fresh crop of exercise programming, as the company that once contended its greatest rival was sleep realizes the longer people live, the longer they can pay subscription fees.

What strategic maneuvers and policy hints hide behind the friendly façade of Chris Rock’s new stand-up special? Or the second half of “You” Season 4? Why is the new “Waco” docuseries launching this month, and what, exactly, is “Agent Elvis”? To the last question, I can’t really explain it — that one you may just have to watch — but for the others, I have some theories. So read on, dear readers, and let’s see what Netflix is up to three months into the new year.

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