Netflix: 7 best new shows in February 2023 + full list

Netflix knows what season it is, and its February releases reflect the bleak, sorry state of a muddy, sad winter.

Sample good man once said, “February: It’s the worst month of the year, but it’s an honest month.” While I don’t agree with the “worst” part — August and the sweltering heat — I don’t dispute the honesty of February, especially when it comes to television. Cold weather, early sunsets, and a lack of legal holidays (I love Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t have a day off, it’s not a real holiday) can wear us down, and when we’re worn out, TV is often the fastest way to go. , simplest deferral.

And there’s no pretending in February. It’s too early for networks to release their Emmy darlings and too late to air their hottest projects. Instead, the audience is fed a bunch of garbage. Sure, those big burgers might have a few tantalizing tidbits stuffed into them—a favorite actor or a glamorous subject—but the end result is the same: a lot of bad food that you have to eat anyway.

While not exclusive to the world’s most popular streaming service, Netflix’s February offerings still offer a classic example. Yes, there are some quality offerings like “You” Season 4, “Freeridge” Season 1, or “Survivor” Season 32, but otherwise, it’s pretty bleak — and even those offerings are flops. “You” is split into two parts, meaning that February will only bring the first half of Season 4, and fans will have to wait another 30 days to see the finale. The season of “Survivor” sure seems random, and “Freeridge” is a reminder that Netflix canceled its predecessor, “On My Block.”

No, February is not the month of prestige dramas or award-winning comedies. It’s the month of “CoComelon” (premiering Feb. 15, perfectly timed to ruin parents’ Valentine’s Day). This is the month of bad reality TV, forgotten medical procedures and trashy teen soaps. It might not be the worst month of the year, but it’s a trash month on TV. You better just hug me.

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