Netflix: 7 Best New Shows in April 2023 + Full List

Keri Russell returns to TV, Bob Odenkirk says one last goodbye to “Saul,” and a deer-boy goes adventuring with an elephant kid. Netflix!

Beef New Netflix series Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun in “Beef”

Courtesy of Andrew Cooper / Netflix

Ah, April. The weather is slowly shifting from unseasonably cold to unseasonably warm. Baseball is underway. The end of the school year is in sight. Yes, spring is in the air, which means it’s time to stay inside and enjoy way, way, way too much TV. You have no choice. Not really. There’s an absolute onslaught of television releases this month, which can only mean one thing: Emmy season is here. The TV Academy still uses the crazy outdated network calendar — this season’s eligibility window runs from June 2022 through May 2023 — so networks and streamers have until May 31 to put out their best new shows for all to see. For Netflix, it’s still a little early to debut its top Emmy darlings. (Their all-at-once release method allows them to drop programs all the way up to the deadline, and considering how much emphasis is given to recency bias, May is going to be a busy month.)

But April is still an awards game. “Beef” hopes to get a head-start with voters by premiering first at SXSW before an early-April wide release on Netflix. The genre-bending half-hour drama will need a bit of time if it hopes to spread through the Academy ranks and solidify itself in one category or the other. (Early word has it running in the Comedy categories.) Meanwhile, “Better Call Saul” makes its Netflix debut this month with the aim of reminding Emmy members it’s still eligible, despite releasing its final season nearly a year ago. The second part of Season 6, which premieres on the streamer this month, first ran on AMC back in July and August 2022 — but can the show benefit from the same Netflix bump as its predecessor, “Breaking Bad”? Time will tell.

The rest of the month is a little less shiny, what with premieres like “Florida Man” — which, with that title, simply can’t be a serious awards contender — and “Firefly Lane” Season 2, Part 2 (a show that was never made to win Emmys). Still, April brings three-time Emmy nominee Keri Russell back to TV with “The Diplomat,” and “Sweet Tooth” is both good enough and visually rich enough to warrant a little FYC love. Are they long shots? To be sure, but April is the time to take a flyer on the underdogs. You never know what might catch on, even in a very busy month for TV. Good luck, everyone.

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