Nationwide Alert Drill Has People Worried, All You Need To Know

FEMA’s recent statement about a nationwide emergency alert has led to a heavy reaction on social media from people unaware of what it implies.

The emergency message will be received across a variety of devices, including phones, radios, and TVs.

FEMA also stated that phone users need not take any actions when the message is received and tried to allay the fear that there might be an ulterior motive.

The Emergency Alert Will Be Received Across All Communication Devices

A recent statement released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has got phone owners in the U.S. worried.

The agency shared via its official Twitter page that “there will be a nationwide emergency alert test on cell phones, wireless devices, radios, and TVs,” adding the times when the alerts will hit the devices across its different time zones.

While it appears to be a routine check by the agency to ensure that the alert is functional in case of a real emergency, some individuals are not buying it and have freaked out on social media.

Further fueling the notion that something sinister might be at play comes with the fact that the Russian government is reportedly also conducting an emergency test this week. Many have now speculated that it is a precursor to what is about to happen.

No Serious Action Is Needed For The Emergency Alert

Nationwide Emergency Alert Drill Has People Worried, Here's All You Need To Know

Despite frantic online reactions, FEMA has maintained that the alert is just a routine check and that “no action is needed” when it hits your device.

It also shared that legislation passed in 2015 mandates it to conduct such nationwide tests once every three years, adding that the most recent test occurred in 2021.

Wireless providers will transmit the text for 30 minutes, but the devices will receive it only once. The test will also include tones and vibrations to grab your attention.

Additionally, FEMA clarified that the test will not be utilized to collect private data from citizens, nor will it have the capability to locate or lock devices.

Kind netizens also advised people suffering from domestic abuse who might be hiding a mobile device to switch off their phones so the alert does not give them away.

Social Media Users Are Worried About The News

Nationwide Alert Drill Has People Worried, Here's What It Looks Like And All You Need To Know
Credit | Kristin Myers

On X (formerly known as Twitter), one user expressed their concern about what the alert truly implied, given that some people weren’t of the opinion it was just routine.

The user said, “Are the alerts themselves supposed to be what everyone is worried about, or are the alerts supposed to indicate that something else is coming that the alerts are just preparing us for. I really wish people would be specific instead of just hinting at things.”

Another individual drew parallels between the timing of the alert and how it seems to coincide with the alleged Kremlin’s version.

The X netizen said. “FEMA is conducting a nationwide emergency alert system test on Wednesday. Russia is also conducting emergency tests this week to prepare for nuclear blasts. That’s JUST a coincidence though, right? Nothing to worry about, right???”

One more person was of the notion that the U.S. government was testing the system because of a possible nuclear war.

The user said, “One of them is that the alert system is being tested because Washington thinks that a nuclear war might be happening soon, and it wants to be able to tell its citizens to go for whatever cover they can find.”

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