Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied Another mistake, out!

Natalie Portman he will not give up his marriage for one alleged cheating scandal. But he will take precautions.

Natalie Portman Is Putting Her Foot Down

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The actress doesn’t let the wool be pulled over her eyes when it comes to cheating allegations against her husband. the 11-year marriage is worth the fight, according to sources close to Portman.

“Obviously there are going to be conditions and he seems to follow whatever rules he wants. If he messes up again, he’ll probably pull the plug,” the source shared Radar Online. Because of their history, they both want to try.

It’s important to note that Portman and Millepied have confirmed an affair, but it seems they caught wind of him cheating on his superstar wife, with whom he has two children.

On the set of Love Story

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Portman and Millepied met in 2009 when she was filming her Oscar-nominated film. Black Swan. Millepied, a ballet dancer by trade, was the choreographer of the dance-focused thriller. The two children together are a son, Aleph, and a daughter, Amalia.

They got married in 2012, and while not much is known about the alleged affair that was revealed Voici but the information about the alleged girl is out there. The short-lived outing reportedly involved 25-year-old climate activist Camille Étienne.

After the rumor broke, an insider spoke to Us Weekly and said, “Natalie thinks that Benjamin’s affair was a short and silly fling that meant nothing to her.” That’s why he’s willing to try to get over it.

Benjamin Millepied is working off his debt

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The dancer is said to be working very hard to win back his wife’s trust. He wants to put her mind at ease, and one way to do that is by sharing “all her passwords,” to make sure she’s not hiding anything anymore.

Plus, “he doesn’t go out without her these days — she’s on a date every night until he’s back in her good graces,” the sources claim. Millepied reportedly “had to beg” Portman for a second chance.

Because she gave him the way, he is “willing to do anything” to regain her trust. “His friends are all hoping he sticks to his word and stays loyal. This is the least Natalie deserves.”

“Black Swan” was a dramatic film

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As in her marriage, there was drama on the film set. Portman talked about how director Darren Aronofsky tried to pit her and co-star Mila Kunis against each other for a better movie.

“He didn’t want us to be friends on set because we are rivals in the film. So we both had to do this ballet training, but she did it at different times, and then she said to me, “She’s doing really well,” and then he said to her, “Natalie is doing so much better than you.”

It worked, the movie was great, and the women aren’t mad at each other.

Hopefully, Portman and Millepied’s relationship can survive this one.

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