Nancy Meyers explains the title “Paris Paramount.”

Meyers explained on Instagram that the title is a riff on an old Ernst Lubitsch quote.

Film industry watchers have been fascinated in recent weeks by the negotiations surrounding Nancy Meyers’ upcoming romantic comedy “Paris Paramount.” The film, starring Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender, was originally produced by Netflix on a budget of $130 million. But disagreements over the film’s final budget (Meyers and his team reportedly wanted an additional $20 million) eventually prompted Netflix to shelve the project.

Now, “Paris Paramount” is being shopped around by other studios and reportedly Warner Bros. And if nothing else, the talks have brought plenty of additional attention to the film. Meyers has been a reliable hitmaker for decades, directing smart romantic comedies like “What Women Want,” “It’s Complicated” and “Something’s Gotta Give.” But if “Paris Paramount” is ever completed, it will likely be his most high-profile project for quite some time.

Meyers took to her personal Instagram account on Saturday afternoon to give her fans a vague update on the film. While it’s still up in the air where (if anywhere) the film will eventually land and what kind of budget it will get, questions about the film’s title are easily cleared up.

Meyers explained that the working title is part of a quote from legendary romantic comedy director Ernst Lubitsch (of “Bull on the Corner” fame), who famously said, “I’ve been to Paris, France and Paris. , Paramount, and frankly, I prefer Paris, Paramount.” Given that the film is said to be about a love affair between two movie stars, a quote about romance found on Hollywood film sets is an appropriate choice.

“A lot has been written about my new film,” Meyers – he wrote in the caption of the post. “There’s one thing I can easily make clear—and that’s the title—’Paris Paramount.’ It comes from a quote by the brilliant and elegant comedy director Ernst Lubitsch (creator of the romantic comedy). The film is about a group of people who make a film and what we do. As always, Lubitsch said it best.”

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