Named in a lawsuit by Jay-Z and TI

Sir Jinx takes Jay and TI to court claiming they released a song he produced and he didn’t pay… ever.

TI and Jay-Z don’t pay people, that’s interesting

Ti and his wife Tiny were spotted arriving at apos Peppermint apos nightclub in West Hollywood CA

The lawsuit against the rappers includes Grand Hustle Enterprises, Roc Nation and DOES 1-50, who claim he made a track called “Dope” in 2016 and it never went anywhere, or so he thought.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, “Years later, Sir Jinx discovered that his song was being played on various mediums, channels and platforms around the world.” When Sir Jinx collected his royalties, it was a different story.

Jay Z gets an upset face after being seen laughing with a table of girls at the Superbowl VIP party in Arizona.

The song was released by Universal Music Group and credits quite a few people; Andre Young, Anthony Wheaton (Sir Jinx), Clifford Harris (TI), Eric Seats, Marsha Ambrosius, Rapture Stewart and Stephen Garrett.

Sir Jinx wondered where those names came from, and where the coin was for all the hard work from downstairs.

Sir Jinx has a contract

Named in a lawsuit by Jay-Z and TI

The producer was outraged, and claims so in court documents. “Through legal counsel” he “sent a letter of demand regarding the royalties issued on November 11, 2022” and when he might see his return. Apparently, “the defendants and each of them have failed to provide an adequate response to the claim to date.”

“In and around October 2022, Plaintiff informed Defendants through counsel that there was an issue with non-payment of royalties under the ongoing and current production label agreement in which the parties agreed to pay and royalties.”

The contract stated: “Sir Jinx will produce the song “Dope” and in return the defendant will pay Sir Jinx for said song as well as royalties for the song. Jinx held up her end of the bargain.

It took Sir Jinx years to figure it out

Named in a lawsuit by Jay-Z and TI

As mentioned above, the song was released in 2016 and Jinx didn’t find out the track was out and people (besides her, of course) were paid “in or around 2020.” He did his due diligence by saying, “Requested an accounting in November 2022, which has not yet taken place

received in this matter.”

It seeks more than $100,000 in damages for breach of contract, breach of good faith and fair dealing, and unjust enrichment. It alleges that “the defendants did not act in good faith in the performance of the agreement.”

The defendant claimed “damage and associated costs” for its actions against Sir Jink. Further, “Defendants’ acts, omissions, statements and breach of agreement were a material factor in the financial loss to Sir Jinx.”

How much money did ‘Dope’ make?

Tit and his wife Tiny were seen leaving Craigs Restaurant in a beautiful White Rolls Royce convertible in West Hollywood CA.

It has not yet been disclosed how much money the song made, according to court documents. Samples Aaliyah’s 2001 hit “Rock the Boat.” This was also produced by Dr. Dre, with whom Jinx worked extensively in the past until the late 80s.

The track was featured on Tip’s 10th studio album The Dime Trap. The rapper talks about his love for his family and lifestyle, as well as his drug addiction. Jinx isn’t concerned about TI’s situation, she just wants someone to pay!

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