Mulan remake receives an unexpected rating from Disney

Mulan's remake receives an unexpected rating from Disney

As is well known to all, Disney is immersed in the production of remakes of its animated classics in the form of real action movies. Since 2015, the Mouse House has left us productions such as Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book or The Lion King.

In addition, it seems that Disney knows well what they do, because the total amount raised by these films is monstrously high, and rare are the exceptions that do not work at the box office, which there are, such as Dumbo.

One of the imminent remake projects is that of Mulan. The Disney classic will acquire more life than ever thanks to actress Liu Yifei, who will give life to Fa Mulan. The Disney film has already received its age rating granted by the Motion Picture Association of America. Surprisingly, Mulan has received a PG-13 rating, which would be a Not recommended for children under 13 in our country.

Mulan remake receives an unexpected rating from Disney

This rating is the highest that a film produced by Disney (eye, by Disney itself) has received since 2017 when Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge received the same rating. In principle, this qualification is due to the presence of scenes of violence, something natural in a film about war.

PG-13 is at the limit of what is acceptable for Disney, a “family-friendly” company that prefers ratings for all audiences over an R rating, which would be unacceptable except for Deadpool, with whom the Mouse house has done A very conditioned exception.

What do you think that Mulan has received a PG-13 rating?

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