Morgan Freeman’s Friends Allegedly Worried About Weight Loss

Hollywood veteran Morgan Freeman‘s close friends are reportedly unsettled over his recent weight loss.

A new report claims that his friends believe he is “wasting away,” although a rep for the actor has stated that the claims are “bogus.”

In the meantime, Freeman is set to debut a documentary he produced, titled “761st Tank Battalion.” The documentary will debut on the History Channel later this month.

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Morgan Freeman’s Health Status Worries His Friends

LOS ANGELES - AUG 21: Morgan Freeman at the "Angel Has Fallen" Premiere at the Village Theater on August 21, 2019 in Westwood, CA

Per Radar Online, Freeman has lost nearly 25 pounds, which has worried his close friends.

The publication reported that his friends are concerned the weight loss is a sign that the actor is “wasting away” and that his health status is at a “crisis point.”

It comes after the “Wanted” star appeared at Oceana’s SeaChange event to receive an honor for his long-term commitment to conservation.

Although the actor didn’t seem to slur his words during his acceptance speech at the event, his physical look, however, sent another message.

Freeman appeared very lean in his gray suit, which loosely hung on his body. He matched the attire with a blue shirt, a black face cap, and black shades.

As part of his speech, he heaped praise on Oceana, commending their work on “saving sharks and other Ocean creatures.” He also urged all the attendees to continue helping out with conservation, saying, “Our oceans need each and every one of us.”

Morgan Freeman Recently Suffered A Contagious Infection

Morgan Freeman at the AFI Honors Denzel Washington at the Dolby Theater on June 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA

Although a rep for Freeman has claimed that the reports of him “wasting away” are bogus, the actor hasn’t been in good health in recent weeks.

He was forced to cancel his planned trip to the United Kingdom as part of his press commitment for his action-spy thriller series, “Special Ops: Lioness,” which debuted on Paramount+ late last month.

According to reports, this was due to a contagious infection, which he is still recovering from. A close friend also shared that the actor is in “incredible pain,” reportedly affecting his motor skills.

The source told the publication, “The poor guy is in incredible pain. It hurts him to walk, get out of a chair, and even just move his arms. He mostly suffers in silence, but he’s in agony much of the time.”

Fans Were Concerned About Freeman’s Absence At ‘Special Ops’ Press Interviews

Angel Has Fallen - Los Angeles Premiere

Freeman’s absence at “Special Ops: Lioness” was noticed by fans who expected him to show up alongside female co-stars, actresses Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman.

Upon hearing the news that he was indisposed, they took to social media to voice their concerns about his health status and wish him a speedy recovery.

“No, no, no, the world is not ready to lose him yet; stay well, Mr. Freeman,” one fan commented on Twitter.

A second fan noted, “Heartfelt prayers for Mr. Freeman,” while a third said, “He lived through TB; he’ll be alright.”

Meanwhile, amid the uncertainty about his health last month, producer Lory Mccreary posted a video screenshot she had with him and told fans that he was doing well.

She captioned the post, “(I) was on with Morgan earlier and am happy to report he is feeling great! Thank (you) for the outreach!!!”

Morgan Freeman’s Upcoming Documentary

Freeman is set to debut his documentary on the 761st Tank Battalion, a renowned U.S. all-black armored unit that performed great exploits in World War II.

The documentary contains in-depth interviews with veterans from the 761st, as well as historians and military experts. It also includes old footage of the battalion in combat.

In the past, Freeman has appeared in movies that portrayed him in the same way as the characters in the “761st Tank Battalion” documentary.

One such film is the 1989 Civil War epic “Glory,” in which he played a Union Army soldier in the first African American regiments.

He’s also been cast in other military character roles, such as an Army doctor in the film “Outbreak” and the CIA head in “The Sum of All Fears.”

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