More shows due to the writer’s strike, Wake Up Studio

THE writer’s strike still going and more showrunners they reveal that hot shows are being pushed back.

“Stranger Things” and many others struggle

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Premiere

The strike promised to put the brakes on the biggest shows on TV right now, and we’re slowly but surely getting there. It was announced that Stranger Thing The final season has been suspended, according to the Duffer Brothers.

Although they had the opportunity to shoot the show without writers on set, they did not let it rest and stood in solidarity with the writers who have been making their show successful for five seasons.

“The writing doesn’t stop when filming starts,” reads the Duffer Brother’s social media page. “While we are excited to begin production with our amazing cast and crew, this is impossible during the strike. Let’s hope a fair deal is reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then – again and again. #wgastrong.”

Deadline confirmed that the show should start soon, but not now. The last season is expected to air in August. Is this going to happen now?

Apple TV shows are affected

WSJ Innovator Awards-Outside Arrivals

Streaming services seem to be feeling the brunt of the writer’s strike. Their hit was led by Maya Rudolph Prey it was supposed to work on its second season, but was stopped by the picketers.

Prey it was renewed for a second season last year after its premiere and was very well received. The series follows a millionaire who moves on after her husband betrays her and becomes a tabloid favorite.

The show joins many others on hiatus, such as HBO Max Hacks and Showtime Billions. Another streaming service to worry about for TV shows is Paramount+. Especially their hit show Evil stopped production.

The cast was in the middle of filming season 4, but confirmed that no filming took place on Friday. A source said Deadline:

“Three WGA members and some allies are still walking the line outside Brooklyn Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where Evil is said to be filming, and IATSE workers are still refusing to cross the picket line.”

Children’s programs are also affected

The first day of writers hits the Walt Disney Studios

Summer is in full swing and the writer’s strike is about to confuse kids for the summer, or so some on social media fear. Disney Channel’s longest-running live-action show, bunk’d is suspended for now.

a document sent by Disney Branded Television It’s a Laugh Productions hopes to resume production “as soon as possible.” The 6th season is currently being shown, with the finale scheduled for May 21.

20 episodes have been filmed in season 7, but we still have eight more to shoot. Do you show what you have and hope to catch up later, or do you put it all on hold? They decided to shut it down.

It is among other repressed shows Daredevil: Born Again and even Nicole Kidman’s Lifetime Achievement Award was cancelled.

No one is unlimited.

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