Morbid Fact ‘Friends’ Fans Realized After Matthew Perry’s Death

After the devastating loss of Matthew Perry, ‘Friends’ fans have now made a morbid discovery.

Unfortunately, they will have to go through this five more times — when the rest of the actors from the hit television show pass away.

The death of the 54-year-old has hit fans all around the world extremely hard as ‘Friends’ has been an outlet for so many, and Chandler Bing was the comic relief. In fact, Chandler Bing is some people’s all-time favorite character in television history.

The Devastating Fact That ‘Friends’ Fans Have Realized

Matthew Perry's Possible Cry For Help Prior To His Death: 'My Mind Is Out To Kill Me'

When on the “Have a Word” podcast, the co-hosts were discussing Matthew Perry’s death and how much it affected them, but one line really stood out to fans.

“The saddest thing I realized that I haven’t really seen anyone else say, is that, it might not be to the same level cause Chandler’s my favorite one, but we’re all gonna feel this way five more times,” co-host Adam Rowe said, referring to the pain fans will feel every time one of the ‘Friends’ actors passes away.

“I have never been affected by a celebrity death quite like I was affected by (his),” Rowe said, which just opened up his eyes to what may happen once the world loses Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc.

While some fans are saying that they are so young and that won’t happen for years.. Matthew Perry was just 54 years old when he was found unconscious in his hot tub.

Fans Are Mourning The ‘Friends’ Cast

Lisa Kudrow Blames Medication Played A Role In Matthew Perry's Death 

A clip of the podcast was shared on TikTok, in which fans immediately realized just how powerful and true Rowe’s words were.

“We’re all gonna feel this way 5 more times’ wow, that really hit me,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “The realization when he said that was mad,” while someone else commented, “(5 more times?) Nah that has me fully sobbing.”

Meanwhile, other fans of the television show stated how hard it is, and will be, to watch the show once a cast member passes away. “Now when I watch Friends it will be tinged with sadness. It will never be the same. Still brilliant,” one user expressed.

Matthew Perry’s Impact On ‘Friends’ Fans

Matthew Perry's Possible Cry For Help Prior To His Death: 'My Mind Is Out To Kill Me'

One of the most memorable things about Matthew Perry is that he and his character, Chandler Bing, have helped them get through some tough times in their lives.

“His movies and Friends helped me through so much. I’m talking about major depression and my mum’s death. I have the boxset,” one fan said as another wrote, “It’s nice hearing other people talk about the positive impact Friends/Matthew Perry had in their lives. Makes it easier in a way.”

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Matthew Perry Was '100% Sober When He Passed' Away

And that is exactly what Matthew Perry wanted to do. Before he tragically passed, the actor opened up, admitting that he did not want to be remembered solely for his time on ‘Friends,’ but wanted to be remembered for helping others through their mental health and addiction.

He then released his very own memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing’ which details his journey from the start to the years leading up to right before he released the book. Throughout those years, the ‘Friends’ star struggled with mental health, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction, which he has stated was a painful time in his life.

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