Mo’Nique is suing CBS over millions owed for the hit series The Parkers

Actress Mo’Nique is suing CBS for allegedly being owed millions of dollars for his participation in the hit television show, “The Parkers.”

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, the actress is suing the network along with Big Ticket Productions for breach of contract. In the filing, Mo’Nique claims she is owed millions of dollars for the money she made from the popular sitcom, as well as the money she received for promoting the show. Netflix.

The actress claims that after the original lawsuit filed by the show’s makers, a forensic accounting was done on the show’s profits and losses.

Mo’Nique claims she is owed millions in money from “The Parkers.”

Mo'Nique is suing CBS over millions owed for the television show The Parkers

“The show’s writers and creators conducted a forensic investigation, which found that a forensic examination of the show’s books and records strongly suggested that (CBS, Big Ticket) unfairly structured the show’s finances to artificially depress its profitability and keep the millions that were otherwise under contract they would be is due,” the lawsuit states.

He continues that the companies “refused to fully and adequately compensate him for the monies wrongfully withheld from him, which made this action necessary to enforce his contractual rights.”

The lawsuit outlines the show’s massive success, including the production of more than 100 episodes. In addition, most recently the dominant streaming service, Netflix started broadcasting The series in its entirety in October 2020. Bottom line, the actress points out, was that the series was a “significant financial success” for producers and distributors – but the talent was “not allowed to share in the fruits of its success.”

Mo’Nique says it’s unclear how much she actually owes CBS

Mo'Nique is suing CBS over millions owed for the television show The Parkers

It should be noted that the claim is Hicks Media Inc. — the loan company used by Mo’Nique. His full name Mo’Nique Angela Hicks.

Finally, Mo’Nique claims it’s unclear exactly how much she owes and is asking a judge to step in and force a decision. He is also asking the court to impose a “constructive trust” to hold the money he claims was wrongfully held by the companies.

In case you’ve been living under a rock until now, “The Parkers” was a spin-off of the hit 1990s television show. “Moesha.” The show aired on UPN (United Paramount Network) and became a smash hit for the fledgling network. It ran for six seasons and is still broadcast today. ‘The Parkers’ enjoyed similar success on UPN and ran for five seasons, with reruns airing on several television networks.

Mo'Nique is suing CBS over millions owed for the television show The Parkers

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