Mod Sun thanks fans for rescuing him after Avril Lavigne split

Singer Mod Sun thanked her fans for saving her life and the role they played after her shock split Avril Lavigne.

Mod Sun and Lavigne first met in 2020 and got engaged in March 2022. They were tipped to tie the knot soon, and the “God Save The Teen” singer said he wanted to give her “the wedding of his dreams,” but his plans were dashed when Lavigne called off their engagement in February.

Lavigne, for her part, seems to have confirmed that she has an initial romance with rapper Tyga, as they have been spotted packing on the PDA multiple times.

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Mod Sun says fans “saved” his life after his breakup

Mod Sun concert fans share their grief and swear at Tyga

During a recent performance at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, Mod Sun expressed the state of his grateful heart to his fans when he shared that they “saved” his life after his split from ex-fiancée Avril Lavigne.

The ‘Karma’ singer, 36, and the ‘Girlfriend’ singer, 38, got engaged in March 2022, but their relationship hit a snag when they broke up last February.

“He’s saved the hell out of my life for the last six weeks,” Mod Sun said on stage. TMZ.

“If any of you are going through something right now, whether it’s heartbreak, depression, addiction, anxiety, or maybe just a negative voice in your head right now, I want you to know. what I’ve learned in the last almost four years: don’t be afraid to ask for help,” he added.

Mod Sun ended his speech by saying thank you before noting that it was time for a “new chapter” for him.

Mod Sun dreamed of Avril Lavigne’s perfect wedding

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

In an interview in February Oh! news, Mod Sun revealed his intentions to give Lavigne the “wedding of her dreams,” adding that she is a princess and deserves the best.

Mod Sun said at the time that he was looking forward to marrying his “sheltered” co-star, but noted that “it’s nice that the engagement is on, so we’re still living in the moment.”

He said that when it’s time for them to walk down the aisle, he’ll play a major role in the planning stage, as he and Avril are “very similar in the way we like to arrange things.”

“She’s a princess, she is,” he told the news outlet. “She’s a queen mother princess.” It’s a real bummer that we’re going to have a very special wedding. I can’t wait for that time to come.”

He previously said that Avril Lavigne changed his life

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

The “Internet Killed the Rockstar” hunk previously shared that his estranged fiancee saved his life by being a positive influence on him. He mentioned that Lavigne was responsible for many changes in his life.

“I have found a companion in this world who will go through the chaos that life throws at you,” he said Oh! news. “I found that person. I’m with a grown woman who’s been through this 10 times and she’s making me a better person.”

He said that “maturing is cool,” adding that Lavigne helped him realize that he wasn’t a “childish, messy” person, and explained that her influence changed his perspective somewhat.

Mod Sun also recounted how Lavigne saved his life, calling him his “protection,” noting that she kept him from “self-destructive thoughts” and removed the button he used to “self-sabotage.”

Avril Lavigne Displaced Belly With Tyga

Tyga gifts his new girlfriend Avril Lavigne a unique diamond chain worth a fortune!

The “Complicated” singer has moved on from Mod Sun and has been linked to Tyga, with whom she has been seen several times.

At Paris Fashion Week in March, Lavigne seemingly confirmed her budding romance with the Rack City rapper. Tyga leaned in and kissed Lavigne passionately as he wrapped his arms around her neck.

The two were spotted engaging in PDA while enjoying a bike ride in Malibu earlier this month. The “Sk8ter Boi” singer wrapped her arms around the rapper’s waist while steering the bike.

Tyga recently showed affection by gifting her an $80,000 necklace with her first name in black and white diamonds.

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