Mira Sorvino upset her Oscar for the screwed-up Paul Sorvino in Memoriam

“The Oscars forgot about Paul Sorvino, but the rest of us never will!” tweeted the Oscar winner. “We hope the Academy does something to fix this.”

Mira Sorvino is calling out the Oscars for not including her father Paul Sorvino in the In Memoriam tribute.

Sorvino took to social media to share her “hurt” that Paul was “abandoned” at the 2023 ceremony. Sorvino tweeted: “Unbelievable that my beloved father and so many other wonderful, brilliant deceased actors have been left out. The Oscars forgot about Paul Sorvino, but the rest of us never will!

The Oscar winner also shared this on Instagram, writing: “I love you dad. I miss you a lot. PS: when I posted this, I didn’t know about my dad being left out and several other incredible artists from the in Memoriam section. I am incredibly hurt and shocked that my father’s life-long, irreplaceable, enormous contribution to the world of cinema has been overlooked by anyone who has made this list. We, his adoring family, and you, his adoring audience, know how unique and incredible he was. We hope the Academy will do something to fix this.”

Paul Sorvino, who starred opposite the late actor Ray Liotta in the movie “Goodfellas,” died of natural causes in July 2022 at the age of 83. Mira Sorvino wrote at the time: “My father, the great Paul Sorvino, is gone. My heart was torn asunder—living in love, joy, and wisdom ended with him. He was the most amazing father. I really love him. Sending you love in the stars, Dad, as you rise.”

Sorvino had previously attributed his father to him Oscar speech for “Mighty Aphrodite,” saying in 1996 that his Oscar was an equal honor for Paul Sorvino, “who taught me everything I know about acting.”

Paul Sorvino’s widow, Dee Dee Sorvino, shared a statement with him Entertainment Weekly.

“Paul Sorvino was one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history. To be left out of the ‘In Memoriam’ segment at the Academy Awards is unfathomable,” said Dee Dee. “It’s a three-hour show, can’t they give you more minutes to get it right? Paul Sorvino gave decades to this industry and everyone loved him.”

The live awards show also included a QR code to direct viewers to a more complete list honoring the late stars. “Paul wasn’t the only deserving soul left out and the QR code is not acceptable,” Dee Dee noted. “The Academy needs to apologize, admit its mistake and do better.”

Anne Heche, Tom Sizemore, Leslie Jordan, “Triangle of Sadness” star Charlbi Dean, Barbara Walters, Cindy Williams, Melinda Dillon, Philip Baker Hall, Hugh Hudson, Peter Brook, Mike Hodges, George T. Miller and Lisa Marie Presley . is also not included in In Memoriam.

John Travolta introduced the 2023 In Memoriam segment, saying in tribute to his late ‘Grease’ co-star Olivia Newton-John: ‘Each one left an indelible mark that divided and informed us. They touched our hearts, made us smile, and became dear friends to whom we will always remain hopelessly devoted.”

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