Mindy Kaling breaks her silence on comments about her body

Actress Mindy Kaling tells the truth about her weight loss.

The “Ocean’s 8” star has had her fans tongue-twisting about her body’s major changes. Several even accused the Primetime Emmy Award nominee of joining other celebrities in using the viral diabetes drug Ozempic.

However, the TV sensation recently revealed her new body, putting the Ozempic rumors to rest.

Mindy Kaling is speaking out for the first time about how her body has changed after numerous Ozempic allegations

Mindy Kaling at the MET Gala

While they were talking to him PEOPLE, the actress talked about the changes in her body, detailing what contributed to it. She said: “I know people are interested in the changes in my body and I think it’s flattering, but sometimes it’s just a bit much, so I try not to tune in.”

“The truth is, I spend a lot of time and energy trying to be healthy. I run or hike 20 miles a week and lift weights. This is a big commitment for me. I live in tracksuits so I can take it.”

The brilliant screenwriter talked about feeling more confident about her body and her fashion choices. In his words

“Recently, I feel confident in my body, which unfortunately I couldn’t say in my whole life. And I love the ease with which I can get dressed in the morning. It doesn’t take long to get ready, which I love. And I feel great.”

Her conversation with the publication was to promote her first swimwear collection, which she designed in collaboration with Andie.

Before the candid revelation about her physique, “The Office” actress was criticized for using Ozempic when posting pictures of her well-toned slim body. She looked stunning in the photos she posted, dressed in a plunging black mermaid dress that featured her sweetheart’s plunging neckline.

Mindy Kaling launches her swimwear collection

Kaling looked slimmer, flaunting her toned midsection, slender arms and prominent collarbones. Within minutes of the post, several online trolls rushed in, commenting on the actress’ new body and accusing her of using unhealthy means to achieve her appearance.

One critic wrote: “Now please stop hoarding diabetes medication from those who need it.” Another commented: “So sad we’re entering the new pro-ana era and you’re a part of it Mindy. Oh my…”

A third person suggested that the TV star limit the comment section. The individual wrote: “Censoring O zem*** comments 👎👎 we know Mindy.” A fourth disgruntled fan voiced a similar opinion. “Another celebrity is O zemp I cn 👎👎👎 and the filtering of comments too! 👎👎👎.”

One person wrote: “Mindy Kaling sure does O to the Olympics.” While another chimed in: “I want what Mindy Kaling (Ozempic) has.

The late-night actress attributed her weight loss to a healthy diet

While the results of Kaling’s dedication to her fit body are already evident, her dedication to it didn’t just start. The comedian previously noted that he has paid more attention to healthy eating since the epidemic.

The mother of two told the story E.T about healthy eating habits. She explained: “My son was born in September 2020, the first year of the pandemic… It was almost extended maternity leave. I wouldn’t be in front of the camera; the studios were closed.”

Mindy Kaling at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

She continued: “After my daughter was born, I had to shoot a film two months later, so I really wanted to say, ‘Give me grilled salmon and steamed spinach’. I will eat this for three months.

However, the salmon and spinach diet wasn’t part of Kaling’s second pregnancy, as she wasn’t “forced” to return to work due to the quarantine. Regardless of not following this diet, “Late Night” has made you pay more attention to what you eat.

She said: “When the world started to come back a little bit, I thought, ‘It’s probably not the way to go if I’m eating what I see and not being mindful of what I’m eating.’

Before the conversation ended, Kaling emphasized that she doesn’t have a strict diet. “Honestly, I didn’t do anything differently. I eat what I like. Any restrictive diet I do never really works. I’m eating less of it… I wish there was something juicier or more dynamic about how I lost a little bit of weight, but that’s how I did it.”

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