Miley Cyrus reveals she is undergoing eye movement therapy

Miley Cyrus she revealed that she did a lot of “helpful” eye movement therapy for over a year.

The hitmaker revealed his cover as part of an interview Vogue magazineJust days after releasing a sultry music video for his song Jaded.

Speaking to the publication, Cyrus said the therapy helped her deal with many “painful memories” by “erasing the physical sensations associated with traumatic experiences.”

The singer also noted that she mostly hangs out with gay men who share her love of fitness, adding that she is now “sober.”

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‘It is so useful

Cyrus revealed that she has been undergoing eye movement therapy for over a year to help her deal with painful memories. The thirty-year-old singer shared the tidbit during an interview British Vogue as the cover star of the magazine’s June 2023 issue.

Although she was not specific about the painful memories, she said she has been seeing the “wonderful” healers for more than a year as part of counseling.

“I did a lot of EMDR. It’s very helpful,” said the singer, who is now dating musician Maxx Morando, 24, after splitting from actor Liam Hemsworth in 2020.

Cyrus then explained the details of the therapy and how it helped her understand her past traumatic experiences. “It essentially erases the physical sensations associated with these painful memories. EMDR helped me,” she continued.

Miley Cyrus says she only hangs out with gay men

The singer said she is no longer addicted to alcohol, adding that she now prefers to “hang out with gay men” who are just as passionate about fitness as she is.

He said of his friends: “So they come over and we do a whole hour based on Nicki Minaj or we have a Britney series. I have a Madonna Vogue sequence that does the whole bow choreography with our little weights.”

Cyrus’ love of journaling was also brought up in the interview, with one post referencing the singer from her private writings, who talks about making “decisions that I’m proud of and that protect me” and “putting her mental and physical health before the paycheck. “

He also went on to say that the singer is now focusing on what she loves, such as “working out, eating well, learning how to improve.”

Miley Cyrus sizzles on the cover of British Vogue

As part of the cover design FashionIn what marks her first appearance on the cover of the magazine, Cyrus sizzled in a variety of outfits that fully showed off her gorgeous body.

In one shot, Miley flaunted her toned and tattooed figure in a satin green bra and miniskirt. She then dressed in a provocative red lingerie ensemble and went to bed wearing black fishnet gloves.

Two more monochromatic images of the singer were published; the first was seen in a one-piece that wrapped around her neck and barely covered her privates, while the other was a second, equally breathtaking one-piece that she wore over a mesh cover-up.

In all of the photos, Cyrus let her hair down and let it fall over her shoulders. She also decorated her face with flawless makeup.

“Jaded” music video by Miley Cyrus


A few days ago, Cyrus debuted the song “Jaded” from her latest album Endless Summer, which was released two months ago.

In the opening scene of the video, the singer is lying shirtless on a bed and sings about regrets from a previous relationship and missed opportunities. Elsewhere, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker wore a metallic gold one-piece swimsuit, a bedazzled black bra and a black swimsuit with sexy cutouts.

Her full brown hair was seen for the first time since appearing on Disney’s Hannah Montana. Shortly after the video was taken down, fans of the singer suspected that the song was about her ex-husband Hemsworth.

The same speculations were made about her hit “Flowers”, which dominated the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks.

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