Miley Cyrus’ Brother Trace Bemoans Having A Famous Family

Trace Cyrus, brother of Miley Cyrus, opened up about his music career’s challenges due to his famous family background. At 34, he pursued music solo and with the pop-rock band Metro Station.

In an Instagram Q&A, he stated he’d be “much more successful” without the family spotlight. Trace secured a record deal before Miley’s fame, intentionally avoiding his surname initially. 

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Trace Cyrus Laments Being Part Of A Famous Family

Miley Cyrus's Brother Trace Bemoans The Impact Of His Famous Family On His Music Career

Trace Cyrus recently got candid about how he perceives his music career as being adversely affected by his famous family background.

At 34, Trace has pursued music both as a solo artist and as a guitarist for the pop-rock band Metro Station, formed in 2006. He revealed that he believes his career would have been “much more successful” if he hadn’t been part of a renowned family.

Miley Cyrus's Brother Trace Bemoans The Impact Of His Famous Family On His Music Career

Trace, who addressed the challenge of being in a spotlight-focused family during an Instagram Stories Q&A, is brother to highly successful musician Miley Cyrus and the adoptive son of two-time Grammy award-winning country artist Billy Ray Cyrus.

According to the Daily Mail, in the Q&A, Trace noted that his diligent efforts are sometimes “discredited” because of his family’s fame, leading to unfair judgments and misconceptions about his accomplishments.

He added, “I love my family so much but I think I’d be much more successful if I wasn’t part of a famous family. People immediately want to judge me and discredit all my hard work because of who I’m related to. But that’s so far from the truth.”

‘I Was Touring In Other Countries When People Didn’t Know Miley’ 

Miley Cyrus's Brother Trace Bemoans The Impact Of His Famous Family On His Music Career

Trace emphasized that his music career had its own merit by highlighting that he secured a record deal even before his younger sister Miley gained fame on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana.” 

He disclosed that he intentionally refrained from using his recognizable surname in his early career endeavors.

The “Seventeen Forever” singer also shared that he obtained a record deal without the label initially being aware of his family background, a fact he revealed after signing. He added, “I never put my last name online anywhere for the first years of my career until people started finding out.”

Miley Cyrus at the 10th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala 2021

Trace pointed out that his band’s popularity surged while Miley was just beginning her “Hannah Montana” journey, so people weren’t automatically familiar with his family connections.

Reminiscing, he shared, “I was touring in other countries when people didn’t even know who Miley was and they definitely didn’t expect me to be the son of a country music singer because I never brought it up.”

Responding to a fan’s query about whether he wished for a life without fame or money, Trace acknowledged the challenges of the spotlight, expressing occasional wishes for anonymity. However, he noted, “I wish people didn’t know who I was but I always want more money. Money=freedom.”

The Cyrus Family 

Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, and Noah Cyrus at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Originally named Neil Timothy Helson, Trace is the offspring of Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson, per Daily Mail. His name changed in 1993 when he was adopted by Tish’s second spouse, country music star Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Cyrus family dynamics have shifted, with Billy and Tish’s marriage spanning almost 30 years before their third legal separation in April 2023. Alongside Trace and Miley, the former couple is parents to Braison, 29, and Noah, 23, the latter of whom has also ventured into the music industry.

Additionally, Billy is the father of Christopher Cody, 31, from his prior relationship with Kristin Luckey. He also adopted Brandi, 36, Tish’s eldest offspring from her earlier relationship with Baxter.

Trace Cyrus Pens Sweet Message For His Mom, Tish Cyrus Wedding

Miley Cyrus's Brother Trace Bemoans The Impact Of His Famous Family On His Music Career
Instagram | Trace Cyrus

Recently, Trace shared a poignant photo from his mother Tish’s wedding, featuring his sisters Miley and Brandi. In a heartfelt message on Instagram, he said, “I feel extremely blessed to be part of such an amazing family. Congrats to my mom on a beautiful wedding. Life is unpredictable & always full of changes.”

The “Let’s Run Away” singer emphasized the importance of treasuring the past, anticipating the future, and finding happiness in the present moment, adding, “Yesterday is gone & tomorrow is never promised. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my mom so happy & that makes me genuinely happy. I love you (Tish Cyrus).”

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