Michaela Jaé Rodriguez called The New York Times “transphobic.”

The “Pose” Emmy nominee also weighed in on JK Rowling’s TERF comments.

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez made Emmy history as a trans actress in ‘Pose’. Now the ‘Loot’ star is calling out media titans as transphobic.

Rodriguez, formerly MJ, called out The New York Times for publishing a transphobic column “in defense of JK Rowling.” The column came a day after more than 100 journalists and community leaders shared one open letter calls on the publication to improve transgender coverage; the New York Times as well accused of sharing anti-trans bias By 200 contributors.

“I think they’ve been transphobic for a long time, unfortunately,” Rodriguez said Species. “I’m sorry, New York Times, but I don’t read it that often… It’s constant disrespect.”

Rodriguez spoke openly about “Harry Potter” author Rowling’s infamous transphobic tweets and public statements.

“Some of the things he says don’t bother me that much. That’s not what I’m here for, he said. “I will always be a trans woman. I will always call myself a trans woman. I will always refer to other biological women as cis women, not in a derogatory way. But I’m a strong girl. I am a strong woman. I was raised by a strong black woman who was not JK ​​Rowling. I would love to talk to him.”

Rodriguez thought that if he ever met Rowling, he would try to understand her point of view.

“I’d start with something really light, just to let her know I’m not pushy or intimidating, because I’m sure there are trans people out there who are a little intimidating and make her feel that way. First of all, I’d start by saying, ‘Girl, okay, tell me, what is tea? Is there a trans person in your life who really makes you feel a certain way about your femininity?” said Rodriguez. “Because I can promise you that there are other trans women out there who will show you what it’s like to walk in our shoes. Because I can promise you as a cis-biological woman that you will never understand, and we will never understand you. But we women we are, so we have to be there for each other.”

Regarding his continued fandom of “Harry Potter,” he added, “It’s a childhood memory that we all hold on to and we don’t want to let it go because of the story. We don’t mean JK Rowling, I promise. I think of Hermione Granger and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and their silliness and growth.”

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