Michael Jordan opens up about his son Marcus’ relationship with Larsa Pippen

Michael Jordan is not afraid to speak his truth!

After many months of fans wondering what he thought of his son Marcus’ relationship with Larsa Pippen – ex-wife of teammate Scottie Pippen – GOA T has voiced his disapproval. Even though Scottie and Michael once played on the same basketball team for decades, the pair’s bond has deteriorated significantly and they are at loggerheads.

Michael Jordan’s take on Marcus and Larsa Pippen’s relationship

Michael refused to mince words when it came to his 32-year-old son’s relationship with “The Real Housewives of Miami” star. The 60-year-old man, who was caught by the paparazzi while leaving Matignon in Paris, initially refused to comment on the matter.

However, when the TMZ photographer forced him to confess whether you have approved the connection, the former professional basketball player gave a firm “No!” He stood his ground when the photographer asked him again, shaking his head no.

Michael Jordan attends the French L1 football match of Paris Saint Germain with former American basketball legend Michael Jeffrey Jordan

The honest take is certainly different from the tale Larsa spun when she joined Tamron Hall on her namesake show a few months ago. He didn’t just claim that at the time that both families have “vacated together” and are in a “great place”. spilled:

“It’s not about my parents, it’s about his parents. They are all happy. Our whole family is fine.”

The OnlyFans star even doubled down on how Michael didn’t “interfere” or try to ruin their relationship when Hall asked if she and Marcus had her father’s blessing.

The 48-year-old blonde then addressed the 16-year age gap between her and her beau, saying age and maturity are not synonymous. Wrapping up the conversation, Larsa confirmed that the beef between the man’s father and ex-husband was none of her business when she said:

“(Scottie) has a right to feel … I’m living my truth, I’m happy. It wasn’t as planned, we were just hanging out with our friends a lot and that’s how it happened.”

Scottie and Michael’s long-standing relationship began when they were teammates on the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, their once close bond has since soured, leading to a series of very public attacks on each other.

Scottie was very vocal about his disapproval of the ‘Last Dance’ documentary after it premiered, mainly because of how his former teammate was portrayed in it. As it turns out, for the project, which focused on the basketball dynasty’s heyday in the 90s, the now 57-year-old thought Michael featured enough of his other teammates.

Larsa Pippen earned half of Scottie Pippen's Chicago Bulls retirement

“They glorified Michael Jordan while not nearly enough glorifying me and my proud teammates. Michael deserved most of the blame. The producers gave him editorial control of the final product. The doctor could not have been let out otherwise. He was the leading man and the director,” he expressed passionately in his memoir “Unguarded” published in November 2021.

The Lovebirds had a random conversation about starting a family together

While their two lovers continue to argue, Larsa and Marcus have made progress in their relationship. Tthe couple have already begun discussing having a child together and shed more light on it last month on an episode of their podcast, “Separation Anxiety.”

“I think it was (mostly) conversations around it,” Marcus began, before pointing out that he and she didn’t know specifically about starting a family yet. She admitted that whenever arguments arose about the topic, when they introduced themselves to friends or met new people, they confronted her. The former college basketball player added:

“But I feel like we’ve never had a personal conversation about having children.”

Larsa said, “I think it’s one of those things that time will tell,” as she expressed her deep appreciation for being a mother of four. However, the reality TV personality acknowledged the difference in their parenting experiences and made it clear that the decision to welcome children into their world rested predominantly on her man’s shoulders.

In the end, the couple agreed to take their time on the decision and focus on their upcoming anniversary.

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