Michael Jackson’s Estate Settles Case Against Man Who Stole PJs

Michael Jackson’s Estate has found justice fourteen years after the beloved King of Pop’s death!

The 20th-century icon’s Estate recently settled with the man accused of stealing the “Smooth Criminal” hitmaker’s belongings. The theft occurred after the entertainer’s tragic demise in 2009, and the culprit took off with intimate property, including the deceased’s pajamas. 

Michael Jackson’s Estate Reaches Undisclosed Settlement With Alleged $1 Million Thief.

According to new legal documents, the lawsuit filed by Jackson’s Estate to retrieve the “Beat It” singer’s belongings had ended in a settlement. Jeffré Phillips, the man behind the theft, and the plaintiffs announced their conflict resolution without sharing details about their agreement, per TMZ.

Michael Jackson in Hawaii

Given how much Jackson’s Estate struggled to collect the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoree’s property from Philips, it was safe to say they had reached a favorable conclusion.

However, it is unsure if Phillips returned the items — a request Jackson’s Estate made to the judge — or paid the aggregator value of the things, which was summed up to $1 million.

Phillips’ property theft made waves in 2022 after the deceased entertainer’s Estate revealed that a man engaged to one of Jackson’s siblings had made off with his belongings. Per the lawsuit, Philips abused his fiancé status for nine days while living in Jackson’s Carolwood House.

The accused was present when the “Man in the Mirror” artist passed away and reportedly used the chaos to take personal and private property when leaving the King of Pop’s home. Philips allegedly stole Jackson’s iPhone and those of his young children.

He also made off with the pop icon’s California driver’s license, prescription bottles that still had pills, and his clothes. The stolen outfits shockingly included the pajamas the “You Rock My World” singer had been wearing in the hours leading up to his death.

Paramedics had reportedly removed the nightwear while trying to save the Pop superstar’s life. Philips crossed another line by taking the resuscitator tube used on Jackson. The Estate expressed their anger in the court documents describing the theft as “extremely appalling and inhumane acts.”

Surprisingly took 13 years for the “Remember The Time” artist’s Estate to file a lawsuit against Phillips. They claimed the situation had gone unnoticed until 2021 “when a person contacted the Estate to inquire about the provenance of certain items of Jackson’s personal property that Phillips was trying to consign for sale at auction.”

Michael Jackson's Estate Says 'Bad' Music Video Outfit Is Worth $271,000

Additionally, the culprit boldly confessed to stealing the deceased’s belongings while he was living under his roof. While the Estate noted that they had retrieved some items, they implored the court to order Phillips to return the remaining goods.

“Phillips has refused to return many other items of property that he obtained during his nine-day stay at Jackson’s home, including, on information and belief, Jackson’s home videos, music that Jackson had written and recorded, and, other clothing that Jackson wore before his death,” the Estate claimed in their legal filing.

Michael Jackson’s Hard Disk With Unreleased Songs Was Stolen

Months before the “Billie Jean” singer’s estate reached a settlement with Phillips, an unknown person had stolen his hard disk filled with unreleased music. In February, Jackson’s historic collaborator Brad Sundberg was robbed while traveling to Bruxelles, Belgium, for a seminar.

During these seminars, Sundberg paid tribute to the moonwalk trendsetter by telling people about his experiences working with the cultural icon. However, the hard disk and computer containing exclusive content about MJ were stolen right under his nose.

Lamenting the situation, the historic collaborator confessed: “A really difficult day in the studio as we were the victims of what appears to be a targeted theft of one of my laptops. We are working with Brussels police and doing all we can to retrieve my material. The entire event is backed up, so we will be returning in full force tomorrow.”

Being robbed of the priceless work broke Sundberg’s heart as he feared what the culprits would do with Jackson’s unreleased songs. “There’s some cool material they’re now in possession of, and for all I know, it’s going to be offered for sale, uploaded, who knows,” the media personality speculated. 

Michael Jackson's Estate Says 'Bad' Music Video Outfit Is Worth $271,000

“I, along with my family and friends, greatly appreciate your prayers, love, friendship, and support as we deal with this challenging situation head-on,” the deceased’s collaborator concluded his statement. Jackson’s fans echoed similar sentiments about the news, bashing the thieves as “Empty, bad, and characterless people.”

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