Michael J. Fox believes that there is much to be learned from Parkinson’s disease

Michael J. Fox can’t afford to feel sorry for himself as he admits to living with Parkinson’s disease for more than three decades.

Fox was first diagnosed with the disease in 1991, but went public in 1998, becoming an advocate for a cure. Unfortunately, the symptoms worsened, so he had to retire in 2020. Still, she seems to be living a great life amid the diagnosis and says she has no regrets.

Michael J. Fox believes there are lessons to be learned from his Parkison experience

Following the screening of the retired actor’s documentary, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, on Tuesday, March 14, at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, Fox is interviewed about his health and his struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

Michael J. Fox Film Premiere - 2023 Sundance Film Festival

Asked how he “mobilised” people to pay attention to the condition, the iconic actor replied: “I have no choice”, adding that he had to give everything he could and show up, doing his best.

The Back to the Future actor also said, “Pity is a benign form of abuse. I can feel sorry for myself, but I don’t have time for it. There’s something to learn from this, so let’s do that and move on.”

He answered several questions about his documentary alongside director Davis Guggenheim and explained that the reason behind sharing his story was to give back to the fans who gave him his life.

“I wanted to give my time and gratitude to these people who have done so much for me,” he revealed. “It was great to hear from you.” But amid the “Family Ties” alum’s positive approach to the debilitating disease, she admitted that not everything has been rosy.

Directing her words to Guggenheim, Fox acknowledged that Parkinson’s disease “sucks,” but she’s had a great life for which she remains grateful. He went on to talk about the times he worked after his diagnosis, saying: “I have no regrets – you do what you have to do but you don’t want to kill yourself. And that’s when I stopped.”

As for his film “Still: The Michael J. Fox Movie,” he gives a full account of his public life and his “unseen private journey, including the years following his diagnosis.”

Shedding more light on the film, Fox revealed that the director wanted to cover Parkinson’s disease without making a film focused on the condition. Therefore, he “conscientiously decided not to focus on the condition” but to create something about life.

After disclosing his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, the “Family Ties” actor he admitted that he was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response and many people interested in what he saw as a “disease response”, which he saw as a great opportunity.

Fox credits ‘Back to the Future’ for saving his life

Michael J. Fox Attends Tribeca Talks - Storytellers - 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet

At 61, Fox is one of the notable names in the industry, best known for his role as Marty McFly in the beloved sci-fi franchise, Back to the Future.

While for fans the film is probably the first familiar introduction to the theory of time travel and its wonders, for the Canadian native it was much more than a role-playing game. In December 2021 Fox spoke with AARP, detailing the end of his acting career and crediting the franchise for his optimistic outlook on life.

Amidst the controversy, she stated that she was delighted with some of the roles she was given after her diagnosis, as many of them allowed her to be witty despite being a disabled character.

However, this could not go on forever, because the Canadian-American reached the point where he could no longer rely on his speaking skills, that is, he could no longer act “comfortably”, so he gave it all up.

In addition, he became depressed at one stage of his life, but thanks to the fans of the “Back to the Future” series, he was able to get out of his emotional decline. According to his words

“It’s amazing – more people of all ages are contacting me about this movie (Back to the Future) than ever before. Not sure I understood why. Then I met him on TV last Christmas. And I thought I was pretty good at it, better than I thought. More importantly, I felt the spirit of the film. I realized it was just a big giggle and we all need that.”

The “Doc Hollywood” star also suffered two other health complications in his battle with Parkinson’s disease

While battling Parkinson’s disease, Fox also faced two other health issues, which he spoke candidly about in a 2020 interview..

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan are seen at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California.  January 30, 2017

He revealed that he was diagnosed with a tumor in 2018 that compressed his spinal cord and nearly paralyzed him. The tumor had to be carefully removed to avoid further complications.

Although the tumor was successfully removed, it took the 61-year-old four months after the operation to walk again. And unfortunately, his arm later fell in the kitchen of his apartment in New York.

It was Fox’s darkest moment as he waited for the ambulance to arrive and realized he had no good side, only pity and pain.

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