Michael Bay is demanding that the pigeonholing storyline be withdrawn

Bay has vehemently denied claims that a dolly killed a carrier pigeon on the set of his movie “6 Underground.”

Michael Bay found himself in the headlines this week when a widely circulated story broke TheWrap claimed that a carrier pigeon was killed by a dolly on the set of his film “6 Underground” in 2018. Bay vehemently denied claims that she would face charges over the alleged incident, saying in a statement that “no animals were involved in the production. damaged or injured. Or any other production I’ve worked on in the last 30 years.”

Now Bay is threatening legal action against the publication. A new letter from Bay’s lawyers (first from Species) denies the story even more strongly and calls for the story to be retracted.

“As you know, Mr. Bay has never been charged, much less ‘accused’ of ‘killing’ an animal,” the letter said. “In fact, it has been brought to your attention prior to publication that there is video evidence that refutes these claims and proves that on no occasion were any animals harmed, let alone ‘killed’. Also, as you know (but didn’t post), the only “accusation” in question in Italy concerns whether, as the film’s director, Mr. Bay did not properly supervise crew members (which he didn’t even have). rental ability) responsible for the handling of animals on set. This charge is being vigorously defended – and indeed Mr Bay feels, to his credit, that he refused to settle even for the nominal fine offered by the authorities to settle it.”

Bay’s lawyer continued: “What makes his story even more egregious is that you were specifically told and therefore knew the title was false because Mr. Bay did not ‘kill’ an animal and was not accused of any such thing. Obviously you also failed to properly investigate the matter by obtaining the actual charge or interviewing the authorities or others who could have provided the facts. Instead, he continued his story with a false and misleading “clickbait” headline that showed real malice and a reckless disregard for the truth.

In the end, Bay’s team indicated that they would settle for nothing short of an admission of wrongdoing by TheWrap.

“In light of the above and other facts and evidence, we hereby demand on Mr. Bay’s behalf that his story be retracted or corrected immediately,” the letter concludes.

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