Michael B. Jordan receives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Michael B. Jordan is undoubtedly well-versed in his work in the film industry, given his versatility and acting range that has earned him plenty of accolades.

Now he deserves the highest honor, none other than a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ahead of the release of his latest production, ‘Creed III’.

Michael B. Jordan will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on March 1st

On Tuesday, March 1, Jordan will add a new medal to his collection of awards as he joins thousands of fellow honorees to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Variety reported the news exclusively through it Twitter using a head-to-waist shot of the good-looking actor wearing a long-sleeved black vest and looking seriously into the camera.

Michael B Jordan Los Angeles premiere of CREED III

Naturally, the comments section was full of congratulations, especially since the “Black Panther” actor is being honored after his recent 36th anniversary. One fan said: “This is really his Jordan year,” while another stated: “He had a great time. his career and he made a very smart decision about what he was doing. Quality over quantity.”

According to the Hollywood Walk of Fameofficial websitethe road of honor has more than 2,700 stars and is located on Hollywood Blvd from Gower to La Brea and Vine Street from Sunset to Yucca. Before celebrities can receive a star, they must be nominated, which can be done by anyone, including a fan who has obtained permission and filled out the necessary paperwork.

Upon selection, the sponsorship fee is $50,000, although this is subject to change, and is used to “pay for the creation and installation of the star and the maintenance of the Walk of Fame.” In addition, there are six categories of nominations, and the nominee must fit in or be active in one of the entertainment industries before being selected.

Once nominated, the awardee has approximately two years to schedule the ceremony. If this is not done within the deadline, the name expires and a new application must be submitted. Deceased celebrities who are nominated are given a posthumous award each year, with a waiting period of two years after death.

In addition, the Walk of Fame Committee will only accept official nomination applications, regardless of signatures, phone calls, e-mails or other petitions. An average of thirty stars are produced in one year, while the stars are voted for once every June. Additionally, a $250 application fee is required for each biennial application.

After payment, the application will be active for two years; if the candidate is not selected within this time, a new application can be submitted or a letter reinstated to the application can be requested. As for the stars, they are made of terrazzo and brass, while several face separate directions so that walkers are clearly visible from all directions.

Before the news was announced that Jordan had been honored with the coveted star, he was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, sending fans, mostly women, into a frenzy over his ripped body.

The feat came before the premiere of “Creed III,” with Jordan sharing pictures of the magazine cover with fans on social media, alongside a message that read in part: “Creating this chapter in Adonis’ journey helped me realize my own power and that I am the master of my own universe.”

As seen in the uploaded footage, fans have been blessed with a shirtless image of the producer, highlighting his chiseled chest and arms. USurprisingly, they couldn’t help but go crazy in the comments with multiple comments about “Creed’s physique” and plenty of fire emojis.

The “All My Children” actor remembers the late Chadwick Boseman in a candid interview

Last week, while promoting Creed III on “The View,” making his directorial debut, Jordan talked about his lifelong relationship with the late Chadwick Boseman, who starred opposite him in “Black Panther.” The couple developed a deep bond off-screen.

She recalled the moment she formed a lifelong bond with the “21 Bridges” actor, saying it happened earlier. they watched the Marvel movie together for the first time. In his words, “There was a moment on the press tour – we were backstage, in London, getting ready to watch the film together for the first time.”

Michael B. Jordan attends the premiere of Creed III at Le Grand Rex

The host continued: “And we looked at each other and thought, ‘we’re in a relationship for life’. I just remember sitting there and having a real connection with him, for a moment.”

At the time, the late movie star didn’t go public with her battle with colon cancer, and Jordan had no idea, which left her feeling completely devastated when things turned out the way they did. Still, Jordan praised the “Marshall” star for being a “hard worker” and staying committed to his career until the very end.

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