Michael B. Jordan Gets Candid About Fitness and ‘Fear of Failure’

Michael B. Jordan shared details of her fitness journey. The actor, who is on hiatus since starring in “Confession III,” opened up about pursuing a new fitness regimen for herself, away from the confines of her job.

She also talked about how her friends helped her stay motivated throughout her fitness journey, easing the social expectations placed on her to stay fit.

A few months ago, the actor revealed that he was in no rush to get back together after his breakup with Lori Harvey.

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“It’s just about consistency”

Michael B. Jordan at the Amazon Prime Video 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' Season 1 Premiere in Los Angeles

In an interview People magazineJordan has opened up about his fitness journey as he nears the end of his hiatus from the film industry.

The actor took a break after completing his press commitments for boxing thriller Creed III, the third installment in the Creed franchise.

The role required Jordan to look a certain way, which could only be achieved through a strict training regimen overseen by his personal trainers and other hired professionals.

Michael B. Jordan sizzles in the new Calvin Klein campaign
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Undeterred by these obligations, the 36-year-old makes his own way in the gym.

“At this point, I know what works for me and what doesn’t, it’s just about consistency,” Jordan told the publication.

He added: “After the film and the press tour, it was very stressful, so I took a break. Right now I’m at the end of my break so I’m getting ready to get back in shape.

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Michael B. Jordan attends the premiere of Creed III at Le Grand Rex

Jordan also mentioned that a key part of staying in shape is “eating regularly.”

“I’ve found that eating consistently can really help change your body. Dieting, intermittent fasting, there are different approaches to this,” said the actor.

He went on to explain that his favorite concept was to see his body as a “fire” into which “logs (of food) have to be thrown every so often” and “eventually the body starts to burn the stored fat. up.”

These days, she’s focused on “finding a healthy balance of sweating,” which doesn’t have to include gym activities. He also tries to live a healthy life by skipping late night meals, drinking a lot more water and keeping to “basic fitness”.

“At one point I was probably doing 300 push-ups and 200 sit-ups for the day,” Jordan said. “So at the end of the day I’ve got to at least find my number and it’s holding tight.”

He struggles with the “fear of failure”.

Michael B. Jordan at the Amazon Prime Video 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' Season 1 Premiere in Los Angeles

After making it this far in the acting industry, Jordan knows she has no choice but to stay in shape, which is why she struggles with the “fear of failure.”

He said: “A lot of people, if they don’t achieve their goals, no one knows about it. For me, if I don’t meet my goals, it’s going to be a poster on Sunset that says, “Mike didn’t meet his motherfucking goals.”

She then revealed that she tries to stay motivated by including her friends in her fitness journey. This participation often turns into friendly competition between them, which further strengthens their momentum.

“We bet a lot on anything. You know, we bet on push-ups, if you lose a bet, you still owe any number of push-ups and stuff,” the “Black Panther” star shared. “And we’ve been maintaining this for a very long time.”

Michael B. Jordan is not rushing into a new relationship

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

As for his love life, the actor was previously in a relationship with Lori Harvey, the daughter of media personality Steve Harvey.

They divorced last June, after more than a year of living together.

Despite being single since then, Jordan revealed in February that she’s in no rush to get hitched and wants to “take responsibility” for the next person she dates.

“Of course I think about it, but I definitely try to take responsibility for it, knowing that I want to be as typical as possible,” he said in an interview. Rolling stone.

He added: “It will happen when it has to happen. “

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