Mia Khalifa Told To ‘Visit Gaza’ Amid Her Support Of Palestinian Violence

Mia Khalifa‘s recent support of Palestinians in their ongoing conflict with Israel sparks sarcastic pleas for the explicit content creator to visit Gaza.

The former adult film actress’s social media page turned into a critics gathering following the media personality’s take on the Israeli-Palestinian war. Many aired their displeasure against the Lebanese-American, telling her to leave the US after she shared Pro-Palestinian posts amid the bombings in Israel.

Censurers Claims Mia Khalifa Will Be Rejected By Those She Supports

Khalifa, a well-known adult actress before her retirement, could easily win hearts with her erotic content. However, as a former adult star and a current webcam model, many of the entertainer’s followers believed she would have suffered dire consequences for her career choices if she lived in places like Gaza.

The criticisms began after the University of Texas alum shared her support for the people of Palestine against Israel. In her latest Instagram update, the media personality shared a picture of a weeping woman hugging a tree with a military truck in the background.

Khalifa captioned the somber post with the Palestinian flag and a white dove alongside a quote from Mahmoud Darwish that read: “If the olive trees knew what is happening to the hands that planted them, their oil would become tears.” Despite receiving over 200k likes, the comments were far from supportive.

Someone sarcastically penned, “Visit Gaza,” with another agreeing, “Why don’t you just go there…..Lol.” If these commenters did not get the point across, a third quipped: “If you performed your services in Gaza, I don’t think Hamas would defend you the way you defend them.”

Echoing similar sentiments, a fourth found Khalifa’s Pro-Palestinian stance hilarious, writing, “Really? You, with your shining resume, stand for Muslims? Do you know they would execute you if you were there? You sit in the US and talk about Hamas with peace?”

“Go back and answer the call, I’m sure they would welcome you with arms wide open,” a critic bashed the former adult actress. “You’re not even accepted in your own country,” a fellow disappointed fan wailed, while another teased the webcam model, claiming: “Mia’s 🍑 has been oppressed too many times as well. Free her and send her to Palestine!”

Critics Tease Mia Khalifa To 'Visit Gaza' Amid Her Support Of Palestinian Violence In Israel
Instagram | Mia Khalifa

“Israel can arrange you a one-way ticket to Gaza,” an upset Instagram user declared while someone else noted that Khalifa’s Pro-Palestinian stance was concerning. “It’s really disturbing that with a following as big as yours, you openly support a terrorist organization that would kill you in an instant if you stepped foot in Gaza,” the individual lamented.

The Lebanese-American’s backlash has been a long time coming as she shared a series of Pro-Palestinian posts hours earlier with the caption, “POWER TO THE PEOPLE.” Khalifa’s social media update came at the heels of Hamas’s violent attack in Israel against unarmed civilians, including women and children.

Although many condemned the terrorist organization’s harrowing attacks on October 7, the former porn star did not. Instead, she echoed more support for Palestinians’ freedom on her X page, writing:

“If you can look at the situation in Palestine and not be on the side of Palestinians, then you are on the wrong side of apartheid, and history will show that in time.”

Mia Khalifa Received Backlash For Her Thoughts On Marriage

Critics Tease Mia Khalifa To 'Visit Gaza' Amid Her Support Of Palestinian Violence In Israel
Instagram | Mia Khalifa

Before the webcam model faced criticism for her Palestinian stance, the social media influencer was in hot water for advising women to leave unhappy marriages. Reflecting on her three failed unions, the Lebanese-American native encouraged women to choose their happiness over staying in a broken relationship.

However, her advice garnered mixed reactions, with some slamming Khalifa’s credibility to offer marriage advice given her relationship history. The entertainer fired back at critics in a TikTok video, bewildered by the backlash. In her words:

“I’m failing to see what’s wrong in telling young women, who get married young, that if they are in relationships that are unhealthy and toxic, and make them unhappy, that just because they made a ‘commitment,’ they are not stuck in these relationships.”

Khalifa claimed her critics were “men who are the toxic ones in these relationships, who are afraid of their women having self-realizations, and exercising free will, and leaving them.” The media personality stressed that most people stay in unhappy relationships because of their vows, religion, and families.

However, the explicit content creator noted that these ideals should be abolished. According to Khalifa, the belief that people “have to stay in a relationship” they are “committed to” was wrong, adding, “You don’t. If you’re not happy, get the f— out of there.”

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