Mia Khalifa Cancelled By Playboy Over Support Of Hamas

Playboy has terminated its contract with Mia Khalifa due to her public statements perceived as “celebrating Hamas attacks on Israel.”

The statements in question happen to be the former adult film star’s words when she requested the Palestinian group Hamas and then doubled down on it after getting called out.

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Playboy Dropped Mia Khalifa For Her ‘Disgusting’ Comments

Over the last few days, approximately 800 Palestinians and 900 Israelis have tragically lost their lives following the attack Palestinian fighters from Hamas launched on Israel, firing rockets from Gaza and breaching the Gaza-Israel border fence.

As videos and pictures of the operation and its aftermath made the rounds on social media, Khalifa took to X to express, “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontally.”

Instead of backing down when she was heavily criticized for the now-deleted take, the Lebanese-American beauty took things further by sharing in a separate X:

“I just wanna make sure there’s 4k footage of my people breaking down the walls of the open-air prison they’ve been forced out of their homes and into so we have good options for the history books that write about how they freed themselves from apartheid.”

Minus the backlash she received for doubling down, the media personality lost her Playboy status after the company reportedly dropped her from their catalog.

Mia Khalifa Hit With First Blow From Support Of Palestinian Violence In Israel

Per TMZ, the U.S. adult entertainment company emailed its subscribers, stating that Khalifa had made “disgusting and reprehensible comments” celebrating Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the loss of innocent lives, both among men and women and children.

Playboy’s response then emphasized its support for free speech and expression while asserting a “zero-tolerance policy for hate speech.” As a result, the company has terminated its relationship with the  30-year-old, including removing her Playboy channel from their creator platform.

The outlet further stated that the influencer has been removed from Playboy’s Centerfold platform, and her page has been replaced with a “Not Found” graphic. Days before this, the webcam model had gotten the flak on Instagram for expressing her support for the people of Palestine against Israel.

In a recent post, she shared an image of a sorrowful woman embracing a tree with a military truck in the background. For the caption, she placed the Palestinian flag and a white dove alongside this quote by Mahmoud Darwish: 

“If the olive trees knew what is happening to the hands that planted them, their oil would become tears.” 

Support for the post was mixed, causing a controversy in the comment section while garnering more than 300k likes. Most of the comments, it turned out, were against Khalifa, and they dared her to “visit Gaza” and see if “Hamas would defend you the way you defend them.”

The Model Recently Encouraged Women To Leave Their Unhappy Unions

Critics Tease Mia Khalifa To 'Visit Gaza' Amid Her Support Of Palestinian Violence In Israel
Instagram | Mia Khalifa

In August, the 2016 most-searched-for adult actress addressed the criticism she received for a previous video in which she discussed her three marriages and encouraged women not to think twice before leaving unhappy marriages.

While her initial statement received praise from some fans, Khalifa faced backlash from many others who questioned her credibility to offer marriage advice given her romantic history. To respond to that, she uploaded another footage to TikTok, which she began by saying:

“I’m failing to see what’s wrong in telling young women, who get married young, that if they are in relationships that are unhealthy and toxic, and make them unhappy, that just because they made a ‘commitment,’ they are not stuck in these relationships.”

Mia Khalifa alleges that those who criticized her stance were mainly “men who are the toxic ones in these relationships” and those who are scared of their partners coming to terms with their situation and exercising free will to leave. 

“Because the only thing holding their relationships together is probably the fact that they made ‘a commitment,’ and their religion and families,” the sports commentator added.

Wrapping up, she emphasized her desire to destroy the notion that people are obligated to stay in a committed relationship, stating, “You don’t. If you’re not happy, get out of there.”

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