Melanie Lynskey recalls Julian Sands’ “Kindness” in a touching tribute

Melanie Lynskey remembers Julian Sands as “one of the nicest people” she ever met.

In a moving memoir, she recalled his thoughtful gestures and acts of kindness, highlighting the lasting impact she had on him. The late actor, who disappeared in January during a hiking expedition on California’s Mount Baldy, was recently officially declared dead.

Melanie Lynskey pens a touching tribute to Julian Sands

The 46-year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday to reminisce about their first meeting, crediting the 65-year-old’s breakthrough in 1985’s A Room With a View. Accompanied by a charming sepia-toned photo of the two dancing, Lynskey wrote:

“Julian Sands. We met on the set of Rózsapiros in 2000. A Room with a View is a movie I’ve seen dozens of times and loved it. I was so nervous I could hardly talk to you. When I finally told you what the film/you meant to me, I was struck by your humility, your lack of ego, your lack of authority.”

Melanie Lynskey recalls Julian Sands' 'Many Gifts' and 'Kindness' in In Touching Tribute
Instagram | Melanie Lynskey

The “Heavenly Beings” noted that their friendship quickly blossomed, with the “Warlock” actor showering her with numerous gifts, including “huge and awesome non-fiction books and classical music CDs.”

Lynskey revealed that Sands took her to the opera after realizing she’d never been, recalling other memorable times like Dr. Dre’s 2001 album launch and agonizing over the choice between Billy Bragg and Bright Eyes concerts. He concluded his heartfelt comment by saying:

“You were kind, patient and a lot of fun. We have lost touch but I will never forget your kindness and I will never forget you. My heart goes out to your family and loved ones. ❤️.”

Her memories struck an emotional chord with readers who expressed them thoughts like: “That made you cry. What special memories.” One person saw it as “the kind of tribute everyone hopes for.”

Another commenter commented emotionally: “🥺🥺🥺 This brought me to tears @msmelanielynskey You looked like such a beautiful person! 💓.” The fourth described the tribute as follows: “Beautifully written post, beautiful picture and such sad news 😢”.

The San Fernando Sheriff’s Department confirmed Tuesday that the remains discovered by hikers near Mount Baldy belonged to the star of ‘Blood and Bone.’ The official statement read:

“The identification process for the body found on Mount Baldy on June 24, 2023 has been completed and has been identified as Julian Sands, 65, of North Hollywood. The manner of death is still being investigated, and further test results are awaited.

They also thanked the volunteers who dedicated their efforts to finding the voice actor for “Heidi 4 Paws”.

The “Yellowjacket” actress revealed that Hollywood lacks friendship

Melanie Lynskey at PaleyFest 2023: Yellowjackets

During an appearance on Josh Horowitz’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, he admitted that cultivating friendships with his co-stars is more complicated than they expected.

Lynskey shared that he collaborated with two major actors who decided not to continue their friendship for various reasons, which had a profound effect on him. The mother of one child recalled:

“I did this movie with this actor and when we finished I said, ‘Oh my God, I’m so happy I met you and we have this friendship,’ and he said, ‘Yeah, he’s not friends with actors. I don’t stay friends with actors.”

The unnamed actor’s revelation shocked him. After weeks of forming an emotional bond on set, she thought a real friendship was forming. “And I was like, ‘What?’ I was so shocked by that,” Lynskey shared with Horowitz, before referring to the person as “someone who’s been working longer than I have.”

The actress claimed it wasn’t the first time she’d experienced disappointment over a lost friendship and revealed she was once incredibly close to murder mystery star Kate Winslet. The “Candy” star commented:

“When I lost touch with Kate, it was more heartbreaking than some of my breakups. It was so painful and there was no special incident; he just became this huge, internationally recognized movie star, and his schedule became incredibly demanding. He was suddenly in Los Angeles, but he didn’t have time to make contact.”

The women hold no ill will towards each other, and Lynskey admitted that the end of their relationship was gradual.

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