Meghan McCain stands by Jonah Hill amid emotional abuse

Fans are ready to write off Jonah Hill, but Meghan McCain is claiming to be innocent until proven guilty. The columnist came to the actor’s defense after his ex-girlfriend dragged him for being a misogynist.

The past few days have been heated over Sarah Brady’s alleged claims about the Hollywood sensation’s personality. The professional surfer threw his ex-lover under the bus for allegedly turning them on with his emotionally abusive methods.

The social media personality’s allegations come a year after the duo’s romance ended, with timing deemed too good to be a coincidence by the late John McCain’s daughter. The blonde beauty, in her signature fiery style, criticized the younger woman for spinning the self-flattering tale when she told the truth from her own perspective.

Meghan McCain has called out Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend for seemingly launching a destructive campaign against the actor

In the latest Daily Mail column update, the Columbia University alum supported the “21 Jump Street” star amid her ongoing drama with her former flame. The conservative commentator supported his opinion with interesting points in defense of the presenter.

Meghan McCain

Before the public threw stones at the alleged emotional abuser, McCain asked netizens to “examine the evidence” while keeping in mind that “the era of the ‘believe in women’ mantra is over.”

The “Bad Republican” writer eased her doubts about Brady’s allegations, saying Hill doesn’t seem like “the monster her ex is making her out to be.” He came to his conclusion after viewing the former couple’s private text messages, which the surfer leaked over the weekend.

One conversation the columnist addressed included a list of the actor’s “boundaries.” In the message, the 39-year-old claimed he considered himself unfit to be Brady’s partner if his then-girlfriend was comfortable surfing and having “no-boundary, inappropriate friendships” with other men.

He also took issue with the influencer posting sexual images, such as swimwear, on social media and spending time with female friends from his “wild past”. McCain applauded Hill for making his demands clear: “He basically told her, if you don’t like my lifestyle or my expectations, we probably shouldn’t be together.”

Despite the ‘War Dogs’ star’s clear stance on the matter, the internet personality didn’t seem to take the hint during their relationship. The Arizona native who called out the athlete for inciting the public against the Oscar nominee with the leaked text messages:

“Brady is acting like a martyr. She claims she released the private texts “as a warning to all girls” and called on Hill’s friends to “hold her accountable.” I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds ominous.”

“Do you want them to kick you out of the entertainment industry, ruin your career, ruin your reputation?” McCain marveled, reminding fans that Brady posted those messages “out of context” after Hill welcomed a child with new girlfriend Olivia Millar.

Jonah Hill at the world premiere of Netflix's 'Don't Look Up'

According to the “Dirty Sexy Politics” author, the surf instructor claimed he waited until after Millar had given birth because he didn’t want the new mother to be affected by his message. Additionally, Brady wanted Hill’s girlfriend to “be informed and make an informed decision about how she wants to take care of herself and her baby.”

“Here, Brady admits to being manipulative — timing his release for maximum effect,” McCain explained. The former “The View” panelist ended his message with advice for the ever-hungry masses ready to cancel their celebrity.

The media personality emphasized: “Nobody should be judged unfairly. Maybe we’ll learn more that will convince me to change my opinion of Jonah Hill. But I say give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Bethenny Frankel weighed in on Jonah Hill’s personality following the emotional abuse

Days after Brady released her unfiltered opinion of her ex-boyfriend, reality TV star Bethenny Frankel stopped by to share her harrowing experience with Hill. The brunette opened up on TikTok at that moment page, describes the accused emotional abuser as “dk.”

According to “The Real Housewives of New York City” alum, the younger actor allegedly had an inflated ego and showed no respect during his time on the TV show. The interaction left the 52-year-old feeling belittled as her self-esteem took a brutal beating.

Frankel said, “I did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jonah Hill was the first guest. And it was low grade dk. They treated me like I was… better than me. I felt lost and nobody who I was.”

Regarding the text messages released by Brady, the Skinnygirl founder described the conversation as “crazy.” However, the mother of one clarified that she is not in the surfer’s corner as there are two sides to every story.

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