Meghan King recalled a terrifying near-death experience while flying

Meghan King had a terrifying near-death experience and nearly met her maker on a plane years ago. Now he recalls the “Horror of Hell”.

The 38-year-old is best known for being a cast member of the Bravo reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County” from 2015 to 2017. The former reality star has amassed a large online community from her fame and is never one to shy away from sharing. their life stories.

Meghan King vividly remembers the terrifying flight to Houston

The American company recalled a frightening near-death experience on a turbulent plane over the weekend. Instagram. She shared a blurry photo of herself on an airplane wearing an oxygen mask with a pink neck compress around her neck, sitting next to the window seat.

Meghan King at KIISFM's iHeartRadio 2019 Jingle Ball

In the accompanying caption, King talked about his out-of-body experience during the flight. TThe “Say Yes to the Dress” star shared that twelve years ago, she boarded a “Continental Airl(i)nes flight” that was later landed in Alexandria, Louisiana instead of Houston, the original landing site, due to disruptions.

He explained: “My ear was popping abnormally (and) the oxygen was coming off. The pilot didn’t explain, but the flight attendant freaked out and started screaming, “Put your masks on. THIS IS NOT EXERCISE! (Shouldn’t they stay calm!? That was the opposite of calm).”

Speaking about her own reaction and that of others on the plane, the TV personality wrote: “I was texting my family that I love them and I felt a bit dizzy from the adrenaline in my body. The old man across the aisle was shaking so much he couldn’t put his mask on, so the flight attendant rushed over with the portable oxygen and frantically put his mask on.

The mother of three continued to recount her harrowing experience, noting that “at 10,000 feet the pilot finally said, ‘You can take your mask off. We will be landing in Louisiana soon.

After landing safely, he explained, “the firemen rushed onto the plane” and were escorted off the plane by fire engines. “They all shook us and said there would be no flights until the next day – and that’s all we know about this incident. It wasn’t in the news, nobody asked, and nobody gave an explanation.” – written by.

Finally, the Bravo star asked if “this has happened to anyone else.” Such honesty has prompted fans to recount their horrific experiences with planes and flights below the post.

One fan wrote: “I remember the day this happened; my father and brother are both air traffic controllers in Alexandria at AEX. I’m glad it all ended well; they really love you for your honesty and fabulousness❤️.”

Another fan who had a similar experience wrote: “Yes, this happened to my family. The United flight from South Carolina to Connecticut has almost the same details, no explanation, when I called, they did not report the incident, which is extremely scary.

Meghan King looks back on her RHOC days in a candid interview

King came out after speaking candidly about his time on RHOC. THE The former Bravolebrity opened up about her exit from the Housewives franchise in an interview with Megan Ryte on the “IMPACT x NIGHTLINE” episode while sheds more light on the ‘highs and lows’ of reality TV.

When asked what it was like to go from following the cameras to being live away from television, she admitted on TV: “It was like taking a drug. I know that sounds fast, but it’s true.

The media personality later opened up about the strain of focusing on your appearance and how much being on reality TV has cost her personally.

Meghan King at the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards

“I think being on reality TV has made me more conscious of my image, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing.” King also took responsibility for those who felt “unspoken pressure” to undergo body changes, including having to wear a certain body shape, get Botox, fillers, extensions or breast work – while watching on TV. She admitted she wasn’t proud of the standard she set for other women.

She was part of the Bravo show for three seasons, from 10 to 12, and started a family with her ex, Jim Edmonds. King revealed that leaving “RHOC” took a lot of thinking when he left. However, she had to do this because she struggled emotionally and physically during filming, especially as a new mother.

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