Meg Thee Stallion Slams Former Friend Kelsey Harris

Megan Thee Stallion has finally put Tory Lanez behind her, but now, she has her sights set on Kelsey Harris.

It’s Contempt Of Court For Kelsey

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The rapper demands that her ex-bff be held in contempt after it was revealed that she had ignored a subpoena demanding she sit for a deposition and turn over her private texts with Tory Lanez.

According to Radar Online, the case isn’t just about Lanez, who was handed down a 10-year sentence yesterday for shooting at Meg’s feet in a rage and demanding her to dance allegedly.

It’s also about Meg’s lawsuit with her label 1501, owned by Carl Crawford. She is headed into trial with the brand and the executive producer, Crawford. The teams have been duking it out since 2020 when she found out the label was paid 60% of her recording income, and she only got 40%, and out of that, she had to pay her team.

No Documents Were Provided To Megan Thee Stallion

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Meg is planning to address many things in court with her former label. One of those things is their lack of accounting documents. She notes that all her touring income is contracted to be covered by the title, but the title won’t provide the paperwork to prove they have paid and the AMOUNT they paid.

She sued for over $1 million, claiming she was owed royalties. Plus, she requested to be removed from her “unfair” contract. They are countersuing, claiming that Meg owes them an album, and since she’s talking about money, they also want to see her account records.

1501 Believes that they are owed a cut of the rapper’s sponsorships and endorsements as part of her contract with them.

We Promised You, Kelsey Harris,


Megan Thee Stallion

Harris plays a role in this lawsuit because she is married to Darien Smith, an exec at 1501. In court docs, Megan claims Darien was an exec at the label and knew of the label’s alleged attempts to sabotage her projects. The court docs say:

“For example, 1501 has maliciously collaborated with the likes of Tory Lanez—the man convicted of shooting (Megan)—and others to disparage (Megan). Smith, an executive for 1501, is married to Kelsey Harris, the female rapper who released a song on or about November 25, 2022, titled “Bussin Back,” where she raps, “Way (Pete) did 1501, should’ve known I couldn’t trust her” and “if I was the one with the gun you woulda heard about a murder.”

Meg claims that 1501 approved Harris’s diss track knowing it was harmful to her. “As a senior executive of 1501 and husband to Kelsey Harris, Smith undeniably has information related to 1501’s crusade to belittle (Megan) publicly.”

Kelsey Harris Had A Lot To Say

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In the court docs, Meg clarified that she wanted Harris to be deposed about her connection with 1501, Carl, and Tory. She wanted Harris to produce all her communication with these parties that referred to her.

She also wants the hopeful rapper to answer a simple yes or no to whether 1501 endorsed her diss track. Meg also claimed Kelsey was served the subpoena in May but didn’t attend a June 21 deposition. So now, she is asking the judge to force Kelsey to show up.

They believe that “Harris played a key role in their campaign.” They specifically have called out the time “after (Megan) came forward against Tory Lanez for shooting and severely injuring her.”

The court documents elaborate. “Defendants teamed up with Lanez to harass, intimidate, and disparage Pete—including making threatening posts on social media.” Meg’s lawyer continued. “Defendants also appear to have collaborated with Harris as part of their scheme.”

For these reasons, Meg and her counsel want Harris held in contempt which could carry a hefty fine.

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