Matthew McConaughey & Son Levi Praised For Maui Relief Efforts

Matthew McConaughey and his 15-year-old son, Levi, are the coolest father-and-son duo out there, as they recently came together on social media to lend a hand to the disaster-struck Maui. Fans appreciate McConaughey not just for being the perfect example of what a celebrity should be like, but also for leading by example for his kids.

Levi & Matthew McConaughey Make An Appeal for Maui

Matthew McConaughey , Camila and Levi lend a hand to Maui

Matthew McConaughey recently posted a social media appeal to his 8.3 million followers, along with his son Levi. The McConaugheys, Camila included, are partnering up with Baby2Baby, and funding an emergency aid plane, “filled with hundreds of thousands more emergency supplies that will have an immediate impact on children and families on Maui.”

In turn, Baby2Baby is working with several partners on the ground, namely Aloha Diaper Bank, Maui Food Bank, Pacific Birth Collective, and Maui Rapid Response.

As Levi McConaughey puts it, any help would be appreciated. The post also contained links to where people could pitch in.

Both Jessica Alba and Michelle Monaghan thanked the McConaughey family for their help. Meanwhile, fans are equally floored, as one wrote, “Dude just run for president already 😭”

Here’s the post, and Levi looks so much like Camila, with his dad’s hair, it’s super sweet.

Fans Are Overwhelmed By The Kindness Of Matthew McConaughey & Family

Maui wildfires have left 106 dead and thousand homeless

Soon after the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor got thanked, multiple times over by fans and the organizations he named in his post. The official handle of Baby2Baby was the first to comment, writing, “Thank you, McConaughey family, for your generous support during this moment of crisis in Maui. With your help, we are getting hundreds of thousands more emergency supplies into the hands of children who desperately need them.”

Another fan, moved by all that McConaughey is doing, wrote, “Thank you for being an example of what a celebrity should do, and a great example for your children.”

An emotional parent also lauded the dad-of-three, commenting, “I may not have gotta magical life as a child, but I will make it my mission to get the life to my children that you give to yours. You are an inspiration, Matthew.”

Yet another parent experiencing some of that devastation in Maui, personally, was so very grateful, writing, “Thank you. I have a pregnant daughter in Maui. Stories from the locals are devastating and beyond anything most of us have ever experienced…. and pray we never do. Thank you for your help!”

There were plenty of other upset commenters in there too, those who felt that America was doing more for Ukraine than it was for one of its own island states. Tragically, the death toll from one of the US’s deadliest wildfires in more than 100 years rose to 106 on Wednesday, and hundreds of Maui citizens and others still remain missing. There has been an estimated $7bn in economic damage with thousands left homeless, especially in Lahaina. Amidst growing fears of whether Lahaina residents would ever be able to rebuild, President Joe Biden’s “$700 one-time relief pay to each household” in Maui comes like an insult with many slamming the government for doing too little, too late.

It’s up to celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jason Momoa to keep the funding coming…

Also Trying To Make Schools Safer

Matthew McConaughey is trying to make American schools safer
Instagram | Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is also busy trying to make schools in the US safer, beginning with Texas, of course. So much so that fans are begging him, “It’s “GREEN MONEY”! PLEASE become the governor of Texas in the next 10 years”

In a post dated July, Mcconaughey mentioned, “Today, Camila and I are launching the Greenlights Grant Initiative to simplify the federal grant application process for schools. We want to help connect communities, students, and teachers with resources to support mental health programs and safer learning environments.”

The idea is to spread the word about this “green money” in schools so that they can apply for the grant and make American schools safer for everyone.

As one fan wrote, “Man these kids have no idea how cool you are!”

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