Matthew Lawrence claims he was asked by a director to take him down for a role

Matthew Lawrence revealed that she was fired from an agency for refusing to strip for a Hollywood showrunner. The actor shared that the person, who was a “very prominent” director, promised him a Marvel role if he accepted.

Lawrence also noted that male actors don’t get as much attention as their female counterparts when it comes to sexual harassment in the film industry. Last year, he revealed that he avoided drugs because of the advice of the late actor Robin Williams.

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Matthew Lawrence shares his sexual harassment incident

Matthew Lawrence

On his “Brotherly Love” podcast, Lawrence talked about a harrowing time in the film industry. Insider.

The actor shared that he was once sexually harassed by a “very prominent” director who assured him he would get a role at Marvel if he complied with his nefarious demands.

Describing the incident, Lawrence claimed her agency sent her to the showrunner’s hotel room to meet him.

And when he got there, the director “appeared in his robes, asked me to take my clothes off, told me he had to take the Polaroids off me, and said if X, Y, and Z, I’d be the next Marvel. character.”

However, Lawrence said she refused to do so and left the room only to find that her agency had fired her, apparently for her actions.

She claims her male friends have faced similar scenarios

Lawrence shared a clip from the podcast episode Instagram page, to which he wrote: “We’re getting in!! A NEW episode of Brotherlylovepod is now available!”

He also admitted that the incident with the unnamed director was not the first time he had been “offered a big role”, adding that it had happened to many acquaintances.

“A lot of my other male friends have been through this, with both men and women in this industry, but there’s a double standard,” the actor said.

Regarding his comment, Lawrence referred to Terry Crews, who was allegedly “groped” by a Hollywood agent. He said that when Crews finally went public with the issue, most people didn’t take him seriously.

“Terry Crews would come out and say it and people would laugh at him,” Matthew said.

Fans react to Matthew Lawrence’s shocking claim

Matthew Lawrence Claims 'Very Prominent' Director Asked Him To Trade For 'Marvel' Role

In the comment section of the clip, fans also mentioned the names of other male stars who have faced sexual harassment.

One fan said: “I agree. See how Brenden Frasier was treated after he spoke out. I haven’t heard Terry’s story, but that doesn’t surprise me. Hollywood is dark.”

Another fan commented, “And people like @cdogg22 Corey Feldman get ridiculed for talking for years. As eccentric as he is, he’s been saying that for years.”

Other fans thanked the actor for sharing his story despite how traumatic the incident was for him.

One fan commented: “We love you Matt. Thank you for being so vulnerable on such a difficult subject. You don’t deserve this. This is so confusing to me. You and your siblings deserve all the good things in this world.”

A third person said: “We all appreciate your vulnerability.”

Matthew Lawrence shares why he avoids drugs

Although Lawrence has had bad experiences in the film industry, she has also experienced its positive side.

In March 2022, she revealed that she did not fall into the drug life that many celebrities indulged in because of the advice of Williams, with whom she starred in 1993’s ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.”

“Never do drugs. “Especially cocaine,” Lawrence recalled of his conversation with Williams, who committed suicide in 2014. People magazine.

He added that the actor took the comment “seriously” and used his life as a case study.

Lawrence went on to praise Williams, saying the late actor played a role in her landing the role of Chris Hillard — the son of Williams’ character — in “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

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