Matt Damon compares Viola Davis’ performance of “Air” to Marlon Brando

Michael Jordan isn’t the only celebrity to approve of Davis’ performance.

“Air” hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but Ben Affleck’s upcoming drama about Nike chasing Michael Jordan is already looking like one of the feel-good stories of the year. This is the film that reminded the world of Affleck’s serious directorial talent after decades of DC’s decline. It gave her an excuse to enjoy a bromance-filled press tour with co-star and longtime friend Matt Damon.

And it’s the movie that taught the world that Michael Jordan has great taste in movies after casting Viola Davis as his mother, Deloris Jordan.

And the basketball legend isn’t the only one who appreciates Davis’ work in the film. In a new interview Entertainment WeeklyBoth Affleck and Damon praised her performance.

“It’s easy to be opaque — ‘I’m not going to show anything,'” Affleck said of his role as Davis. “It’s extremely difficult to be opaque and feel like there’s a huge amount of feeling inside, you just don’t know what it is. It makes you lean in even closer, and that’s as good as acting.”

Damon went a step further by comparing Davis’ subtle acting in the film to one of the best actors of all time.

“That’s masterful acting,” Damon said. “That’s what Brando did, right? This is not doing nothing, but the opposite of doing nothing. You present it as if you’re not doing anything, but everything in the world is happening right underneath it, and it’s fantastic.”

Damon and Affleck are certainly not alone in appreciating Davis’ performance. “Air” received consistently positive reviews, with many critics singling out Davis as one of the film’s highlights.

“Davis brings immense warmth and strength to the role of Deloris Jordan, a woman who knew her son’s worth and fought to get her share of the pie,” wrote Marisa Mirabal in her IndieWire review of the film. “Her subtle yet stern performance evokes empathy and sophistication as Deloris navigates the business deals proposed to her and her adoring husband. His presence on screen has given audiences goosebumps on more than one occasion because of how perfectly he respects Mrs. Jordan and how he keeps himself aware that her son is a legend whose impact on the game will change his life forever. It’s all very beautiful.”

“Air” opens in theaters on Wednesday, April 5.

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