Shocking Marvel 2099 Facts You Need To Know

Marvel 2099 Facts

Reading Order

Marvel 2099

If you are familiar with the original Marvel 2099 comics, you may know of all the heroes that were used.

Some were brought back, some in other forms, and some were created new for this series. The whole of Marvel 2099 had 271 issues and actually has a reading order if you’re looking to catch up.

I obviously can’t read out the full order, but here are some notable points. It starts with Spider-Man 2099 issues 1-3, followed by doom 1 and 2.
After that Ravage [who was a new character for the 2099 series] issues 1-3, punisher 1, then Spider-Man 4-9.

Later on, you get 2099 unlimited #1 which seems to be more of an Avengers-style comic and then after a few more issues unlimited #2. After that, you’ll need punisher 7-9, doom 10 and X-Men 2099 1-3.

Skipping ahead to unlimited #4 you’ll find Thor Corps #3 which seems to be more of a tie in since the first 2 don’t appear on the list.
After Spider-Man #22 you’ll get into ghost rider. There is a lot of comics to read and I can’t list them all.


Marvel 2099

Stan Lee came up with the idea for Marvel 2099 when he began to collaborate with John Byrn on Ravage 2099, a comic that was intended to explore the future of the marvel universe.

It was the early 90’s and the society was becoming worried about what the next millennium would hold, and Stan wanted to explore that and try to reassure the population that things would be fine, so he decided to explore the later years of the 21st century.

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The collaboration with John Byrn fell through however but Stan was onto something and wanted to pursue the idea further.

Joey Cavalieri was very enthusiastic and put himself on the sheet for an entire Marvel 2099 collection, and Joey became responsible for overseeing it. It started in 1992 and concluded in 1996 and had a whole roster of heroes Both old and new.

Released Games

Marvel 2099

Spider-Man 2099 appeared in at least 2 games to my knowledge. The first one being Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, where you control 4 different versions of Spider-Man across the spider-verse.

And it’s sequel Spider-Man Edge of Time which has you control Peter Parker and Miguel O’Hara. Miguel is by far a Spider-Man who is iconic in his own right as well as a fan favourite, which would explain why he would appear more than other counterparts such as Spider-Man Noir.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions came out in September of 2010 for consoles and November of 2010 for pc, and Spider-Man Edge of time came out in October of 2011 for consoles, including the Nintendo 3ds which is the console I used to play it.

This game was honestly my first introduction to Miguel and I was immediately fascinated by his story and his spidersona. While he has appeared in games, however, there was one game that was supposed to include him and others.

Being Revived in November

Marvel 2099 Being Revived in November

Revealed at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con the Marvel 2099 comics will be getting revived and new releases starting in November of 2019. This was announced by marvel with the teaser *80 years ago it was 1939.

80 years from NOW it will be 2099.* demonstrating that we are currently at the halfway point between the beginning of marvel and the furthest point we’ve seen. Not much is known about what comics will be coming back at the time of this article, but I think it’s safe to say that the original line up of Doom 2099, Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099 and Spider-man 2099 can be expected.

But for sure the last one, spider-man was the most popular 2099 incarnation and has been in several other forms of media after the series had ended. Even being transported to the present day for a time. Who do you want to see come back in 2099 or even someone new in 2099?

Canceled Game

Marvel 2099 Canceled Game

The Marvel 2099 continuity was actually intended to have a game that was set to release in December of 1996. It was called Marvel 2099: One Nation Under Doom and was going to be for the PlayStation and Windows 95, developed by Mindscape Inc.

It was to be loosely based on the storyline by the same name in Doom’s 2099 comics and was envisioned as a 2D side-scroller with 3d characters. By May of 1996 CD Roms and video, demos were being shipped to game magazines for pre-release reviews along with a one-paged brochure.

The first demo was shown at E3 and had a playable level with the punisher. The game was also supposed to have Spider-Man, X men, Ghost rider, fantastic 4 and hulk 2099 as playable characters along with 40 additional unnamed characters that would appear as NPCs.

The game was never officially canceled, however, as the production just slowed down and stopped due to financial troubles and lay-offs occurring near the time of release. With the new launch could we see a game similar to this be created?

Why it Stopped

Marvel 2099 was one of the casualties of war as Marvel Comics battled with potential bankruptcy, as changes in leadership came on almost a weekly basis.

As a result of the potential loss of the company, they had to downsize.
Joey Cavalieri was one of the people let go, and basically every other writer who had to do with 2099 resigned in support of Joey.

Marvel hired replacements to wrap up 2099 over the next little it. Despite it only running for a few years it was hugely successful overall. Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O’Hara has appeared many more times for the rest of the comics

Be it as an inter-dimensional superhero with a team called the exiles or as the star of his own book. The timeline has lost some cohesiveness however due to lack of constant editorial direction but Marvel I’m sure will aim to improve that with their new releases.


Spider-Man into the spider verse was an incredible movie and brought several different incarnations of the Spider-Person together on the big screen, but one iconic portrayal was missing.

Miguel O’Hara was not in the main storyline of the spider-verse movie but did appear in the end credits sequence, appearing in the iconic “no you” Spider-Man meme from the 60’s Spider-Man cartoon where 2 people in Spider-Man costumes are pointing at each other.

This I can honestly say came as a shock to me since Miguel is my favorite spider-man and I had expected him to be in the movie but this has further implications for the next spider-verse movie

As he got to the meme via a transporter that seemed to be like a watch, so this could open up a whole plethora of other spider-men for future movies. Maybe even Spider-Man as a villain.


Should probably say that when talking about superheroes. For example, Doctor Octopus 2099 is not the spawn of Otto Octavius, in fact, he is a former Atlantean scientist and expert in xenobiology, and looks like an actual octopus.

He appears in Spider-Man 2099 #1 as well as Spider-Man 2099 Civil War 2.
Electro 2099 is not a human but in fact, a service android who was hit by a burst of electricity causing him to gain electricity powers and sentience.

Doom 2099 is the freaking president and Captain America is a woman who leads the avengers and works as an employee at Alchemax, an evil corporation. The variations they threw into the 2099 heroes and villains are incredible and deserve to be celebrated in the new stories. Hopefully, they don’t change.

Caused the Spider verse

With the undeniable success of Spider-Man 2099, you can honestly say that he could be the reason the spider verse exists. Sure the multiverse was going to happen anyway but with Miguel, they experimented no pun intended and it payed off.

While yes Spider-Man was the most popular character from the 2099 series, the series helped show executives that experimenting and being creative is a good thing that pays off.

Especially when we’ve seen the same people fight over and over. Sure you can throw in death to spice things up but bring a version of yourself, who isn’t even yourself from the future into the mix and you got something that even the devil couldn’t ingest without ruining his rectum!

How it Ended

We talked about why the series ended, but how it ended in the comics themselves is totally mind boggling. The series wraps in 3099 with Miguel O’Hara doing his best to maintain peace in the universe. You may be confused because I said the year 3099.

We talked about why the series ended, but how it ended in the comics themselves is totally mind-boggling. The series wraps in 3099 with Miguel O’Hara doing his best to maintain peace in the universe. You may be confused because I said the year 3099.

Where did these new writers take it you ask impatiently?

Well, the series wrapped up with 2099: Manifest Destiny which was used to wrap up any loose ends it could, but also had Miguel O’Hara wielding Mjolnir and using it to hammer out peace in the universe over the course of 1000 years. The series ended with Miguel becoming immortal and pulling a cap.