Martha Stewart shares her thoughts on telecommuting in America

A famous chef Martha Stewart shared his views on the future of telecommuting in America.

In a recent interview, Stewart expressed concern that the country will be “downstream” if the telecommuting trend continues.

He also recently made headlines for his work life after revealing that he doesn’t see the need to retire as work makes him happy.

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Martha Stewart slams the telecommuting model

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Stewart, who built her brand on home improvement, cooking and decorating, has always advocated a practical approach to various areas of life. In his latest interview Footwear news, voiced his belief that telecommuting inhibits productivity and creativity, which he sees as essential to maintaining a thriving workforce and economy.

According to the publication, he argued that the intangible benefits of working together in a shared physical space cannot be replicated in a remote work environment, ultimately resulting in reduced productivity and business growth.

“You can’t get everything done by working three days a week in the office and two days a week remotely,” she told the publication.

He believes America could “go down the drain” if telecommuting continues

Martha Stewart

In a candid interview, the 81-year-old entrepreneur took his concerns about telecommuting a step further, comparing the productivity levels of the United States to those of France.

Stewart expressed his belief that France, a country with strong labor laws and an emphasis on work-life balance, is “not a very prosperous country” because of its lax attitude to work.

France, often celebrated for its high quality of life, shorter work week, generous vacation policy and emphasis on leisure time. In contrast, the United States is often seen as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship, known for its robust economy and technological advancement.

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At the same time, there are ongoing debates about work-life balance and the potential impact of long working hours on workers’ health and happiness.

“Look at France’s success with their stupidity … you know, by August, blah blah blah,” Stewart said.

“This is not a very prosperous country. Should America go down the drain because people don’t want to go back to work?” he joked, adding that he’s all about getting people back into the office and working in person.

Martha Stewart doesn’t want to stop working

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Stewart has recently addressed the topic of retirement, making it clear that he has no plans to take a break from his many pursuits. In a recent interview People magazinehe emphasized that retirement is not a consideration for him, as it does not fit with the purpose and passion that guides his life.

Stewart’s incredible career spans decades and includes many accomplishments. From her successful Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia empire to her numerous television shows, books and product lines, Stewart has become synonymous with style, home improvement and culinary expertise.

“There is no relaxation; there’s no reason to retire,” Stewart stated flatly when asked about retirement. “I can write sitting down and dictate lying down if necessary.” I can do many things in different places in different ways.”

Martha Stewart shares what works for her

Martha Stewart

The famous lifestyle junkie also gave a glimpse of his upcoming projects, so fans and followers are waiting to see what’s in store. In his interview Footwear newsStewart shared some exciting details about his latest ventures, showcasing his ever-evolving entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation.

He referred to several projects that are currently in the works. First of all, he revealed his plans to continue working on a Netflix documentary with RJ Cutler, saying, “We’re still working out the ending.”

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In addition to his documentary pursuits, Stewart shared his enthusiasm for “a dream fictional video project” and hinted that his magazine may return to print.

Additionally, Stewart has expressed interest in an eco-friendly trip to Greenland this summer.

“I love traveling by boat. It’s one of my favorite things to download,” said the businesswoman. “I never went on the same vacation twice. My favorite place is the one I haven’t been to before.”

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