Mariah Carey is reportedly ditching plans to get full custody of her twins

Mariah Carey she reportedly decided not to sue her ex-husband Nick Cannon for primary custody of their children. The singer asked the comedian to spend more time with their twins now that he is a father of 12.

Despite the current joint custody agreement, Carey planned to file for full custody of their twins earlier this year.

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Mariah Carey is no longer suing for primary custody of her children

Mariah Carey at the NYC premiere of Netflix's A Fall From Grace

Mariah Carey has dropped her plans to sue ex-husband Nick Cannon for primary custody of their twins Morocco and Monroe. Recently, sources close to Carey came out RadarOnline that the “We Belong Together” singer has changed her mind about primary custody.

The news outlet reported earlier this year that sources close to the award-winning singer claimed she had threatened Cannon with a request for full custody. That legal battle would have shaken the former couple’s joint custody agreement, which they agreed upon in their 2014 divorce.

At the time, a source said: “The thing is, Monroe and Morocco are usually with Mariah anyway. But she wants to point out that she can’t just walk in and out of their lives while she takes care of her other kids. And she wants legal status as the twins’ primary carer.”

Mariah Carey asked Nick Cannon to make time for their twins

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey at the Kid's Choice Awards

Carey previously asked Cannon to “make more time” for their children because she knows she has her hands full with her other children. Inside sources claimed that she made it clear to Cannon that Morocco and Monroe needed to see her and spend time with her.

According to a source close to Cannon, the “Masked Singer” host is “crazy amazing that we have so many kids” and is ready to keep up with all of her children. She previously filmed and shared TikToks of her time with Monroe and her Moroccans, showing them learning viral dance and trying out different trends.

In one TikTok video, Cannon, Monroe and Morocco danced to a fast version of Chris Brown’s “Run It” that she struggled to keep up with. The kids captioned the video: “Daddy never keeps up with TikTok,” while Cannon captioned one shot: “It was so chaotic!”

Mariah Carey’s boyfriend wanted to sue her

Mariah Carey at the 2018 City of Hope Gala

A source claimed RadarOnline that Carey’s friend and backup dancer Bryan Tanaka was behind the primary supervisory move. They said: “Bryan wanted full custody so he could have space from Nick. But he didn’t pull the trigger, and Bryan is understandably upset.

Another source shared that Tanaka is angry that Carey decided not to apply, but the “Obsessed” singer “doesn’t seem to care.” They explained that the 39-year-old is “tired of feeling second best to Cannon” and believes he and Carey still have unfinished business.

The source said: “It’s been the elephant in the room for years and the main reason he hasn’t proposed to Mariah or had kids with her.” “Mariah and Nick are on the phone all the time and always cling to each other when he comes to town with the kids. Mariah doesn’t like Bryan being around when Nick is around, which fuels her paranoia.

Nick Cannon recently welcomed his 12th child

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey smiling

Last December, Cannon gave birth to another child, a baby girl, with Alyssa Scott, making him the father of 12 children with six different women over the age of 11.

Cannon had his first child with Morocco and Monroe Carey in 2011, and later fathered several children with other women. He had children with Brittany Bell, Bre Tiesi, Abby De La Rosa and LaNisha Cole. She and Scott previously had a son, Zen, who was the seventh, but the boy died when he was five months old.

Shortly after Zen’s tragic death from brain cancer, Scott paid an emotional tribute to his son on Instagram. He is in the post wrote, “A painful reminder that you are no longer here… It was an honor and a privilege to be your mom. I’ll love you forever.”

After giving birth to her 12th child, Cannon made it clear that she still has the option of having more children, as only “God” can decide when to stop having children.

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