Margot Robbie channels Barbie on the stunning Vogue cover

Margot Robbie fully embodies the essence of Barbie on the newly released cover Fashion Summer issue 2023. In an interview with the magazine, the actress revealed that she never had a Barbie doll as a child.

Robbie recently promoted his upcoming film:Barbie,” at CinemaCon with co-star Ryan Gosling and director Greta Gerwig. At the convention, Robbie reflected on the meaning of her character, particularly her lack of “sexual desire”.

The “Suicide Squad” star said Barbie can wear short dresses “because it’s fun and pink,” not for sexual reasons.

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Margot Robbie dazzles on the cover of Vogue

Margot Robbie is the ultimate Barbie on the newly released cover Vogue’s Summer issue 2023. The actress looked stunning in a Versace satin floral gown and made a statement to the fashion magazine about the highly anticipated movie ‘Barbie’.

In the photoshoot, Robbie wore several outfits inspired by the iconic Barbie character. They included a pink tweed Chanel dress to illustrate “President Barbie”, a cowgirl dress for “Country Barbie” and an astronaut helmet for “Space Barbie”.

Robbie, who plays the iconic role of Barbie herself, also looked gorgeous in a pink and black polka dot Valentino dress. In addition to starring in Greta Gerwid’s film, the 32-year-old is also a producer of Barbie.

Margot Robbie never planned to play Barbie

During the cover interview, Robbie revealed that despite her role as the live-action Barbie, she never remembers having a doll as a child. He said: “I don’t think I did. I know my cousin had a bunch of Barbies and I would go to her. It wasn’t that I ever wanted to play Barbie or dreamed of being Barbie or anything like that.”

The “Wolf of Wall Street” star also explained that she never thought about playing the role of Barbie until they had been “working on the project for years.”

Robbie was recently at CinemaCon to promote the film alongside Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera and director Greta Gerwig. “Barbie” also stars actress Issa Rae as “President Barbie” and Ana Cruz Kayne as “Supreme Court Justice Barbie.” Talented actors like Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa play different versions of Ken in the film.

Margot talked about the Barbie character herself

In your conversation with him Vogue magazine, Robbie pondered the meaning of Barbie’s character. He said, “I think, okay, he’s a baby. She is a plastic doll. It has no organs. If you don’t have organs, you don’t have reproductive organs.”

Robbie explained that Barbie “didn’t feel sexual desire” because she didn’t have the necessary organs. She said the doll was “sexualized” but “should never be sexy.” The Chanel ambassador added: “People can project sex onto her.”

Robbie explained that the ultimate idea of ​​Barbie is girl power in all areas, not deep sexuality. She said, “Yes, you can wear a short skirt because it’s fun and pink. Not because he wanted you to see his bottom.

Margot Robbie talks about the dirty feet scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Robbie flashed his iconic dirty feet scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. In the 2019 film, she played the role of the late actress Sharon Tate, who famously hated wearing any shoes and often went barefoot.

In one scene of the film, Robbie’s character took off his shoes and placed his feet on the seat in front of him while at the cinema. The scene quickly went viral online, with many making fun of Robbie’s dirty feet. Even his co-star Brad Pitt commented on the scene.

During the interview, Robbie said that the dirty feet were not his choice, as Tarantino prevented him from washing them. She explained: “But my feet were dirty because I was on set. They stayed dirty in the movie because Quentin said, “Don’t. Do not clean them. Someone ran in to do it and said, “No, this is real. Keep it.'”

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