Mama June shares her thoughts on using Ozempic for weight loss

Mama June shares her thoughts on the Ozempic weight loss trend and whether she would participate.

The reality TV star, whose real name is June Shannon, became a sensation after appearing on TLC’s ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’. The entertainer attended the program with her youngest daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

The mother and daughter’s popularity has brought them various spin-offs, including the documentary “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” about the matriarch’s weight loss journey. When it came to the lengths she would go to to stay in shape, the 43-year-old opened up about using drugs to stay slim.

Mama June rules out using Ozempic Shots for cutting after 100 pounds of weight gain.

Mama June at the Build Series in New York

In a recent heart-to-heart discussion Daily Mail, the TV personality shared details about her weight loss struggles. Fans of the blonde beauty watched the entertainer grow from a size eighteen to a size four on the We TV show.

After losing 300 pounds in 2017 thanks to dieting and bariatric surgery that removed part of her stomach, the 43-year-old regained some of the pounds she lost. Shannon talked about her current weight:

“I only gained 100 pounds, and I actually put it back on before I got sober. I’ve literally been at 241 pounds for almost two years; God wants me to be pretty much where I am now.”

The reality TV star continued: “Eventually you hit a kind of plateau on the diet and I went up to 241,” adding that she didn’t cheat with her diet. “I don’t drink soda; I don’t drink tea; I don’t snack like I used to.”

When asked if she wants to lose extra weight with Hollywood’s “quick fix” drug, Ozempic, the “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” star, is not interested in the diabetes drug.

“I don’t want to try Ozempic because, frankly, I’ve heard so many bad side effects,” the matriarch explained. “He’s using a drug that wasn’t actually prescribed for that. They use diabetes medication to help with weight loss.”

The drug, which is said to be used by celebrities such as Elon Musk and Chelsea Handler, was initially used to treat type II diabetes before gaining attention as a weight loss prescription.

Honey Boo Boo has a 20-year-old boyfriend?!  She's only 16!

Although the drug is said to contain active ingredients that help people control their eating habits, the TLC alum noted that she disapproves of trying to treat her weight with a drug that isn’t designed for that purpose.

As a recovering drug addict, the 43-year-old explained that the thought made her uncomfortable. “No offense to those who do this, but it’s not for me. I want to stay clean. I don’t judge anyone, but this is not for me,” the media personality stated.

The matriarch of the Shannon family admitted to spending more than $1 million on cocaine

The blonde beauty recently reflected on her long battle with drug addiction. The TV personality is candid about his dark past, revealing that he once blew more than $1 million on cocaine. while suffering from drug intoxication.

The entertainer, who achieved three years of sobriety, allegedly became addicted to drugs during her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Geno Doak. Filled with remorse, the 43-year-old said he often thought about his bad decisions, especially his wasted money.

During these moments of self-reflection, Shannon found herself always thinking to herself, “Girl, what the hell are you doing with all that money?” Since she was busy with everything she could use this money for, the matriarch became frugal with her expenses.

“Now I’m back for the pennies and Justin says I’m a fundraiser,” the reality TV star admitted, referring to her husband Justin Shroud. Shannon and her beau celebrated their second wedding earlier this year.

Mama June shows off her impressive weight loss as she arrives in Los Angeles with Papa Bear

After exchanging vows in secret at a Georgia court in March 2022, the couple rekindled their love. in the presence of loved ones. Mama June reunited with her daughters – Alana, Lauryn, Anna and Jessica at the February event.

The blonde beauty said her second wedding in Panama City, Florida was the first time the family had been together since 2014. To make her wedding special, her four daughters accompanied the matriarch down the aisle.

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