Mama June claims to have spent over $1 million on cocaine

Mama June Shannon he finally recovers from his cocaine addiction and reflects on his past choices. The reality star revealed that she was very sorry that she “blew it off”. $1 million for cocaine and waste of money.

Shannon has been sober for three years, but still has health issues that cause headaches and dizziness. The TV star said doctors have found it difficult to diagnose because they judge a history of drug abuse.

Shannon is gearing up to release a new season of her reality show about her recent wedding to Justin Shroud. Shroud also shared that she has a hard time seeing Shannon’s daughters walk away from her.

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Mama June regrets spending so much on cocaine

Mama June at the Build Series in New York

Recently during an exclusive interview Daily Mail, Mama June Shannon opened up about her crazy spending spree during her crack cocaine addiction. The reality star rose to prominence when her daughter Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson rose to fame on ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’

At the time, the world watched as Shannon shared her weight loss journey and eventually became addicted to crack through ex-boyfriend Geno Doak. Now, three years into recovery, the TV star is sharing some of the “stupid” things she did because of her addiction.

Shannon’s interview was to promote her new show, “Mama June: Family Crisis.” He reflected on how his addiction had affected his body and finances, and how it had broken up his beautiful family. She said she often wonders, “Girl, what the hell are you spending all that money on?”

Shannon shared that she talks to her husband, Justin Shroud, about it because “it’s always on my mind.” He added: “I can think of a lot of things I could do with that money. My husband keeps telling me I can’t chew.

He recovered from his Addiction

Honey Boo Boo and Mama June in the Build series

During the interview, Shannon also shared that there are moments when she feels self-loathing because of her actions during her drug addiction. He said: “I don’t remember much from that time frame. Just pieces and stuff. But spending so much money on drugs is the biggest and stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

However, the reality TV star proudly shared that she has improved a lot when it comes to her spending. She said: “Now I’m back to being a penny pincher and Justin says I’m a fundraiser.” The reality star, who claimed she once spent up to $3,000 on drugs, now manages her spending frugally.

Mama June is suffering from unidentified health problems

Honey Boo Boo, Mama June and Lauryn Pumpkin
Instagram / Honeybooboo

As of 2023, Shannon is officially three years sober but still suffering from unidentified health issues. Because of these problems, the mother was hospitalized several times in 2022 with dizziness and severe headaches. However, various tests and hospital scans have yet to determine exactly what is wrong with Shannon.

The “Road to Redemption” star commented on the lack of diagnosis, saying doctors failed to find a cause for her illness because of prejudice. Shannon said they all judged him for his drug abuse and did not take his current health problems seriously.

She said: “I hate that doctors look at someone who has been through something in their life as an addiction and think that someone cannot change. I am more than three years old, pure and clean. But if I’m honest and tell people this, the doctor just looks at you like you have some serious illness and I don’t.

He releases the new season of his show


Shannon will release a new season of her show later this year, which will include her 2022 court wedding with Shroud and this year’s family ceremony. During her interview, the TV Star shared that the season will show their family counseling and solving problems.

Shannon also said that she will be involved in trying to repair her relationship with her daughters, who she gave up custody of during her addiction. Her husband, Shroud, said that since then, he has had a hard time seeing the girls keep their distance from Shannon.

He said, “I see the change you make every day, but they weren’t around to see it.” Shroud continued, “But I also understand where they’re coming from because I was an addict myself, and people get tired of being told you’re going to do something and it never comes.”

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