Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon talks about her sexuality

the queen of pop Madonnaher daughter, Lourdes Leonadmitted to being very honest in a recent conversation The face magazine.

The model and singer looked stunning in her sizzling outfits for the fashion magazine cover shoot, which included a thong and tight bikini. Leon has been very honest about his sexuality, how he has no feelings for women, and how he “feels cursed” for liking men.

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Lourdes Leon Gets is honest about her sexuality

Lourdes Leon poses for the camera in a red dress.
Instagram | Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon has been all over social media lately, especially for her sexy outfits on shoots and events. This inevitably led to fans questioning whether the singer was queer and interested in women. During his cover shoot and interview The face magazine, Leon finally came clean about his sexuality.

He said lawsuit Daily Mail, “I don’t like girls. I am painfully straight; it’s terrible…damn, it’s embarrassing to like these men.” Speaking about his sexuality, Leon said: “The best thing you can do is be yourself. I rely heavily on my body as a means of expression.”

The rising star is a singer like her iconic mother Madonna and goes by the stage name Lolahol. Last year he released his debut EP, ‘Go’, on Chemical X Records. Leon also released his music video for ‘Contradiction’, in which he rides a horse in his underwear and swings on a rope in a barn.

His relationship with his mother Madonna

Celebrities departing from the Mark Hotel in New York

During the interview, Leon also shared that he saw himself as a very “well-behaved” child of his mother, the legendary Madonna. The singer stated that she “might have been spanked” when she misbehaved.

During a previous discussion Interview Magazine, Leon revealed that Madonna’s constant need for control was often overwhelming. He said: “My mum is such a control freak and has controlled me my whole life. I had to be completely independent from him once I graduated from high school.”

Leon became financially independent as a teenager and even paid his university tuition. He also reportedly spent on his Brooklyn apartment after college. But despite her fiercely independent spirit, the singer shared that she now appreciates her mother’s hardworking nature and dedication to her craft.

Lourdes Leon stunned on the cover of Face Magazine

Leon wore trendy clothes for the cover shoot The face, including a red and white bikini and a black thong leotard piece. The model shared that she is preparing for a scorching summer. She said: “I think we should go full Florida swamp vibe: crop dresses, Crocs and bikini tops. I think we should be beach rats this summer.”

In addition to his latest appearance The facethe model recently had a stunning photo shoot W Magazine and published behind-the-scenes footage on social media. The singer shared photos of her posing sexy in a black lace catsuit, almost completely see-through.

In one of the pictures taken on set, Leon is sexily bent down next to a male friend while relaxing on a white leather couch. In another, the singer showed up in a cat outfit posing on all fours on a pool table, flashing the red bottoms of her Christian Louboutin high heels.

Lourdes Leon at the H&M x Mugler Show

Lourdes Leon opens up about her relationship with 'Control Freak' Madonna's mother

Leon made headlines in April when he attended the H&M and Mugler clothing collaboration show. The singer showed off her incredible style in a cutout catsuit from the new collection and looked sizzling on the red carpet.

The H&M x Mugler collaboration featured many pieces from the late Thierry Mugler’s signature silhouette at very affordable prices. Grayling Daily MailThe collection’s official release stated: “Each piece is defined by the irrepressible Mugler energy: playful, youthful, body-positive and complimenting each individual’s identity.”

In February of this year, Leon also made waves on the internet when he debuted as a runway model. The singer wore a stunning red mini dress accessorized with devil horns at the Luis De Javier New York Fashion Week show.

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