Madonna is reportedly trying to look like her old self again

At the 2023 Grammy Awards Madonna She was heavily criticized for her looks, but in true pop queen fashion, she said she never apologizes for her creative decisions.

However, according to a report, Madonna was affected by the comments and is now working hard to look like her old self. It also turned out that preparations for the tour are in full swing, and Madonna spares no expense.

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Madonna wants to look like her old self again


At the 2023 Grammy Awards in February, legendary music icon Madonna sparked plastic surgery rumors for her drastically altered appearance, which was met with harsh criticism.

The “Express Yourself” hitmaker has publicly denied such rumors and brushed off critical comments, saying: “I’ve been caught in the light of aging and misogyny again.” He added: “I’ve never apologized for my creative choices or the way I look or dress, and I’m not going to.”

Although the pop star jokingly admitted to having plastic surgery on social media after weeks of scrutiny, Madonna always seemed unfazed by public criticism.

But sources close to the pop queen claimed she was deeply affected by the negative comments and wants to look more like her old self ahead of her first concert on July 15.

According to an insider, for Daily Mailthe 64-year-old pop star is undergoing procedures to restore her natural appearance, and she’s doing it because she values ​​her fans’ opinions. “He’s seeing and hearing what people are saying about him, and he wants to be himself again for his fans on tour,” the source said.

Madonna Is Pulling The Stops Ahead Of Her Celebration Tour

Madonna performs in Madison Square

Madonna’s upcoming Celebration tour promises to be spectacular for her fans. Not only will fans get to see the iconic singer return to her natural look, but they will also witness her perform alongside her six children – Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stella and Estere.

Based on Daily Mail, sources close to the chart-topper say he is sparing no expense or effort with the 80-show tour as it is likely to be his last. “Madonna finds out. He’s in incredible shape and he’s going to kill it with this tour,” an insider revealed

Madonna’s perfectionism is also in full swing, “driving everyone up the wall.” Still, the source says the crew is working tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect for the Queen of Pop. The source added that Madonna is known for her no-nonsense attitude and won’t hesitate to “fire someone at the drop of a hat.”

Fans can expect a spectacular performance on the 80-show tour

Madonna's rough tour promo photos

Madonna’s upcoming holiday tour promises to be a spectacular feast for her fans. According to the source, the “Vogue” singer has decided to work with a fresh crew of younger dancers. “Madonna likes creative people who can take control. He doesn’t usually take suggestions and knows what he wants,” they explained.

The Celebration Tour will take Madonna across North America and Europe from July 2023 to January 2024 next year and promises to be a “total delight” for the senses. With Madonna’s reputation for pushing boundaries and creating stunning visual performances, fans can expect nothing less than an amazing experience on the highly anticipated tour.

Madonna admits she is a tough boss

Madonna at the Tidal press conference

Over the years, the pop queen has developed a reputation as a demanding boss, especially while on tour. But in a documentary about her 2016 Rebel Hearts tour, the iconic singer didn’t shy away from that fact, even admitting that she’s a tough boss and can be demanding and pushy at times, stating: “I know I can be difficult and demanding and pushy and sometimes my ego gets out of control, but I’m a Leo.”

But despite her tough exterior, Madonna’s dancers have a lot of respect for her. One of the dancers said, per Daily Mail, “You want the best and you want people who work hard.” The documentary also showed how grueling the whole process is for his dancers.

In January 2023, Madonna announced her Celebration tour in a statement, saying, “I’m excited to explore as many songs as possible, hoping to give my fans the show they’ve been waiting for.”

Due to her upcoming tour, Madonna’s much-anticipated biopic has been put on the back burner as it is revealed that she has to focus on putting on a great show for her fans.

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