‘M3GAN’ Unrated: What’s different about the Peacock Cut?

Fans expecting major changes from the PG-13 theatrical cut, hope not.

When it comes to January movie blockbusters, you can’t beat ‘M3GAN’. Gerard Johnstone’s AI-gone-wrong, which boasted a script by horror heavyweights James Wan and Akela Cooper, rode a wave of strong reviews and viral dance videos to become a blockbuster cultural phenomenon. As well as proving that January releases don’t have to suck, it also gave birth to arguably the first true Gen Z horror character. After all, there have been a million movies about creepy dolls — but as the marketing campaign is determined to remind us, this kill.

Amid its viral success, Cooper revealed that the film was almost much darker. While many of his more goofy ideas were scrapped in order to maintain a PG-13 rating and keep the characters alive for future sequels, he promised that an unrated cut of the film would be in the works. Those plans finally came to fruition this weekend as the unrated version of “M3GAN” is now streaming on Peacock. The running time is almost identical to the theatrical cut, leaving many fans wondering what was added. If you’re thinking about streaming the Unrated cut this weekend, read on to break down the main differences between the two versions.

The Gore

That’s probably why you came here… and you’re probably going to be disappointed. The unrated cut of “M3GAN” promised to be rougher and more violent – ​​which is technically true, but you’d never notice it if you weren’t actively looking for it. There aren’t any new scenes that were too hot for theatrical release, and the unrated cut mostly just waits a few more seconds before cutting to some of M3GAN’s kills. We can spend more time watching him rip off a child’s ear and spray his annoying neighbor’s face with a hose until it bleeds, but the end result is pretty much the same. Sometimes there is a little extra blood, but nothing to write home about.

The language

What’s new in the unrated cut of “M3GAN”? If you were to ask one of the cast members, they’d probably say “not a hell of a lot.” Like all law-abiding PG-13 movies, “M3GAN” contained only one F-bomb when it played in theaters last month. The unclassified word significantly increases this number by using eight of the forbidden word. Most of these take place in Gemma’s office, which allows for a much more accurate depiction of how the tech bros manage their henchmen. M3GAN himself says “fuck me” during a key moment of the film’s final battle, which probably would have better distributed the only profanity allowed in the theatrical cut.

The verdict

At the end of the day, there just isn’t that much difference between the two cuts. Of course, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to watch the unrated version. That said, if you’re watching “M3GAN” for the first time (or are already planning a rewatch), the unrated cut is a slightly better experience. M3GAN’s best kills get a little more time in the spotlight, and there’s no awkward PG-13 movie dialogue where everyone has to avoid the word “fuck” even though they clearly want to use it.

Of course, anyone who wants to see new adventures from the killer robot will have to wait until the sequel hits theaters in 2025. But if anything, the lack of new material is a sign that the film got it right the first time. “M3GAN” was a critically acclaimed PG-13 horror hit, delivering the kind of well-executed silly fun that every January release should strive for. Fans should take solace in the knowledge that the film wasn’t a victim of studio meddling, as pretty much everything that should have been in the theaters was. And if you end up streaming the unrated set and are disappointed, you should at least watch ‘M3GAN’ again! There are much worse fates in this world.

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